1. ptif219

    In Gaza and Israel, war fears mount despite truce

    Once again Hamas and the Palestinians show they do not want peace but want all Jews gone
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Brkg: PRUITT hires top OUTSIDE defense atty as 12 SEPARATE invesigations mount

    This little weasly son of a bitch is ON THE TAKE! Gutting the EPA and ripping of tax payers concurrently. At least he has balls, right? Pruitt hires outside attorney as investigations mount: report BY MIRANDA GREEN - 05/17/18 11:48 AM EDT 0 0 © Greg Nash Scott Pruitt has reportedly hired...
  3. DemoWhip

    Tensions Mount as Native American Tribe Fights to Block Oil Pipeline

    See what trouble the pipeline that some are so enamoured with is causing Native Americans! The extreme consternation they are having to endure is sad to see, just because some want to build that pipeline across their land. There are great environmental concerns that need to be taken into account...
  4. PACE

    University dean of business at Maryland's Mount College compares freshman to bunnies

    that should be drowned or better yet put a Glock to their heads. Fortunately he has resigned. A first year term dean, this denotes two things: 1) Academia nuts are alive and able to walk and breathe at the same time 2) It's no wonder the young despise the pompous and the old...
  5. meridian5455

    The end is near. Trump planning visit to Temple Mount in Israel

    From the Jerusalem Post:The planned visit follows Trump’s call for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” in light of “great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.”...
  6. Davocrat

    Mount Palin in Ohio as payback for McKinley insult?

    It could happen. There's an online petition. So if you climbed Mount Palin, what would happen? Online petition to rename Ohio peak for Palin emerges | Alaska Dispatch News
  7. Singularity

    Obama: President McKinley never set foot in Alaska; why's the mountain named for him?

    Following a proposal by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Ala., the Department of the Interior will officially re-name the tallest American mountain "Denali," restoring the name used for centuries by the Athabasca people and long supported by Alaska's government. It appears the only notable opponent to...
  8. the watchman

    Video spotlights Freddie Gray at Baker and Mount streets.

    On the morning of April 12, Michelle Gross woke up to screaming. Gross, known as "Mom" in West Baltimore's Gilmor Homes area, left her home and saw Freddie Gray — someone she called "son" — being dragged into a police van. As police drove away with Gray, she gave her phone to a neighbor who...
  9. The Man

    Crimea is Russia's Temple Mount

    According to Putin, Crimea is as sacred to Russian Orthodox Christians as Temple Mount to Jews. Crimea is Russia's Temple Mount, Putin says | The Times of Israel
  10. Inkslinger

    Mount Ontake erupts in central Japan

    Mount Ontake erupts in central Japan Goddammit Obama!!!!! ..and yes, wait for it. I bet Fox News will somehow link Obama to this.
  11. Toldyaso

    US Forces on Alert in Sicily, As Libyan Tensions Mount

    So, we can rescue US personel attacked in Tripoli, but NOT Benghazi, from the US Naval Air Station Sigonelli, in Sicily. This station has NUMEROUS aircraft, and is only 468 miles from Benghazi...why could NO ONE GET THERE in 12 hours? Why was it "impossible" for them to get to Benghazi...
  12. ptif219

    Jewish activists set sights on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, raising alarm in Muslim worl

    It appears we may see Jews claiming they want their Holy ground back where the Jewish temple once stood This could be interesting to watch. Jewish activists set sights on Jerusalem?s Temple Mount, raising alarm in Muslim world - The Washington Post
  13. Blueneck

    Bangladesh factory deaths mount

    This is sickening: Too costly my ass. :mad: Big clothing brands, retailers reject union safety plan as Bangladesh factory deaths mount | Fox News
  14. G

    Snivel War 2013. As casualties mount list the names of the patriots here.

    This thread is dedicated to the upcoming Snivel War and the patriots who give their lives for the cause. As of Apr 1, 2013 we should be getting a daily count of the massive casualties who gave their lives for the cause..of sniveling in a war like manner. Who will be the first patriot to make...
  15. Stefan Bandera

    Deaths mount as winter weather batters Europe /Europe turns into Siberia says Bandera

    Deaths mount as winter weather batters Europe"Europeans pray for Global Warming" star report Bandera says Not good in Europe : The death toll rises to at least 39 in Romania, where snow keeps falling...
  16. jackalope

    Cancer concerns mount over TSA body scanners

    shit .... Um, yea, I feel silly now for mocking all the people who were askeered of the new machines.
  17. michaelr

    U.S. bond yields plunge as economy fears mount

    U.S. bond yields plunge as economy fears mount Well another notch in Obama's cap and a new record set. Nice job, I must say. I hear Russia may have bought some debt, stupid fools, the dollar is about done.
  18. M

    CLASH at Temple Mount.....

    Police, Palestinians clash at Jerusalem holy site - Yahoo! News JERUSALEM – Israeli policemen entered a sensitive Jerusalem holy site Friday and used stun grenades to disperse dozens of Palestinian protesters who were hurling stones at security personnel, police said. The scene of the clash...
  19. Divine Wind

    Contributions mount for House GOP chairmen

    The party of Big Business is back in business! Now where are those jobs? Contributions mount for House GOP chairmen
  20. B

    Fears mount over US oil leak

    Leaks from a Gulf of Mexico oil well could cause one of the worst spills in US history if not stemmed soon, officials warn. More...