1. Pragmatist

    I can't wait for the movie!

    Do you think it will be shot inside the real cave where it happened? Thai cave rescue: First of the trapped boys emerge - WFMZ
  2. BoiseBo

    Watch the movie Trump showed Baby Kim yesterday

    Wonder if Donald will promise him a Trump Tower Pyongyang? :rolleyes: Pretty good propaganda I suppose. *If you go to the YouTube hard link, the Korean version is there also - that is the way it was shown
  3. Bronwyn

    Chappaquiddick: The Movie

    Is anyone planning to go watch it? Doesn't everyone know he left that girl to die?
  4. J

    I really like the Black panther movie and program. That goes along with this movie.

    They are getting the largest number in history for this movie and the movie companies, the actor and the theaters are then using it as a launch pad for supporting progressives across the nation. Showing the hate that the right is trying to sell and standing up for this country by opposition to...
  5. Devil505

    Who will hollywood cast as Donald Trump when the movie version comes out?

    Jack Palance? Anthony Hopkins? Others?
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Texas REP won't allow movie about WENDY DAVIS be shot in his Senate, "its a disgrace"

    Movie about a piece of TEXAS history. Real event in it's legislature and the REPUBLICANS won't allow it to be filmed there? Too bad, these movie companies pay taxpayers a pretty decent penny to use various buildings, facilities, venues to shoot movies. Since the high point of this event was...
  7. The Man

    British Stalin movie banned in Russia lol

    It enraged Communists, who see it as mocking his death, basically: Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin - BBC News The Communist Party previously also demanded the ban: Russia's Communist Party Demands Ban of Armando Iannucci's 'Death of Stalin' Some municipal...
  8. The Man

    More movie violence in Russia

    Russian nationalist activists today stormed a cinema in Moscow, which was showing a pro-Ukraine film about the Donbass War. Some took over the front stage, as you see. At one point, they allegedly scuffled with and pepper sprayed some staff members who attempted to stop them. Others forced their...
  9. M

    New Star Trek Movie

    In the works. The interesting part is that Quinton Tarentino is in negotiations to do it. It will be "R" rated. Don't know if Tarentino has ever done a PG-13 movie, or how it would be received by ST fans. This one, if it happens, will be different. Also saw the trailer for the new...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    MOVIE scene going VIRAL abt. a British PM who takes down an American PRESIDENT!

    The theme best I can tell, (I've never seen the movie) is about a love interest. But IT FITS the last 48 hours like it was written about TRUMP! Amazing "actually"
  11. Spookycolt

    Tom Sizemore Was Removed From Movie Set for Allegedly Violating 11-Year Old Girl

    This was one of my favorite actors until his addiction to drugs cost him his career and put him in the poorhouse but now it turns out he was also a predator. Yet one more case being brought forward in the Hollywood fallout, hopefully all of these men (and women) are exposed for what they...
  12. NightSwimmer

    What do you think of the new Christmas Movie?
  13. Madeline

    NYC Clowns Protest Loss Of Income Due To Stephen King Movie

    Professional Clowns Plan Rally Outside NYC Movie Theater, Blaming Movie 'It' for Drop in Business - NBC New York The public is fickle, and tastes change. I have no idea what purpose the "protest" is meant to achieve. Maybe these clowns should embrace their new sinister image and get...
  14. The Man

    Angry Christians firebomb movie studio

    'Mathilde' Film Director’s Studio Attacked With Molotov Cocktails Director Alexei Uchitel Poster for "Mathilde" Tsar Nikolai/Nicholas and Mathilde Kschessinska, in a scene from the film Natalia Poklonskaya made a hell of a name...
  15. R

    Gore's Movie - An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

    Sucks at the box office and it's Paramount's fault. ----------------------- Weekend Box Office Results for August 4-6, 2017 - Box Office Mojo ‘This was not supposed to happen’: Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th at box office – Gore fans allege film ‘sabotaged’ by Paramount ?This was not...
  16. the watchman

    Colbert Likens Donald Trump’s Administration To This Classic ’90s Mob Movie too funny.
  17. cpicturetaker12

    WHERE was the outrage when a movie maker killed OBAMA??

    I didn't see the movie. This isn't my preferred movie type but I sure as hell don't remember this discussion... JUNE 12, 2017, 4:24 P.M. 'Julius Caesar' has sparked controversy. But where was corporate outrage when a movie killed President Obama? Jen Yamato On Sunday, Delta Air Lines'...
  18. Madeline

    Stand Your Ground Defense Denied To Movie Theater Shooter

    Movie theater shooting: Judge denies 'stand your ground' defense - This stupid law should be repealed. Whaca think?
  19. L

    Movie Night at Steve Erkle Household

    Did they really watch thaaatt?
  20. O

    Global Warming Movie Stars

    Why would a true believer in inevitable global warming driven sea level rise buy a waterfront mansion? Why not just rent until it goes literally underwater and leave the deed with some "denier" sucker? Matt Damon is apparently not that smart. View From the Top - Matt Damon's Miami Waterfront...