1. C

    What's Your Favorite Stupid Movie?

    I'm afraid Monty Python and the Holy Grail doesn't count. Too easy. For me it's Evolution. I've had the hots for David Duchovny for a couple decades now.
  2. Amelia

    Favorite offbeat moments in television or the movies

    That time when Janice Dickinson briefly played one of the sisters on Charmed -- for several seconds she was Paige Matthews, the character usually played by Rose McGowan.
  3. Rob Larrikin

    The beginning of the end for Hollywood Fake Movies

    The Fifth Column took over Hollywood long ago, filling it with Lefties and communists. Since then it’s churned out movies full of anti-capitalist propaganda and liberal nonsense, changing history and promoting Leftist causes. That era is rapidly coming to an end. In terms of history, ten to...
  4. the watchman

    movies where u thought "what were they thinking" ?

    no rules, other than the ones we all know. Just any movie that you thought was really, really , bad. my first choice....
  5. the watchman

    old movies or tv episodes you haven't watched in a while.

    Life force.... You know the one. It's got Sir Patrick Steward in it. A ship called the "Churchill" ventures off into space and brings back space vampires. Come on, you know the one. Steve Railsback is in it. The guy that said...."please don't stop Duane Barry " in the X Files. Stuff like...
  6. Madeline

    Best Retired But Dangerous Movies EVA!

    I am Trump-is-a-douchebage'd out atm. Let;s have some fun! Best movies starring a character that is old, sexy and dangerous. Red 2: The dialogue alone is fabulous! LOL! BTW, for ease of reference, "old" in the US is anyone over 40. Possibly 30. Maybe 21. If you are elsewhere, it's no...
  7. The Man

    Russian movies from The Man

    Madeline You asked, and you shall receive :D First flick, for today: Air Crew (2016) Great movie about brave pilots taking off from a freaking volcano (among other things). A remake of an iconic Soviet movie from 1979 of same name and plot...
  8. Madeline

    Best Movies About Race

    In honor of Black History Month, some of my favorite movies about race that you might not have seen. Or might want to watch again. 1. A Touch Of Evil. Brilliantly acted and directed, it explores the racial tension in a border town between Mexico and the US. Circa 1958. 2. A Time To Kill...
  9. The Man

    Ukraine banning German movies now lol

    Bloody Ukropistan just banned a German movie now, because it depicts a Russian FSB agent in a positive light: Ukraine bans German movie with Til Schweiger over ‘brave FSB character’ Fucking hilarious :D But, not unexpected... That's what you get when you have a government in a nation whose...
  10. sweettee

    Movies the Right objects/objected to?? Kidco’: The Right-Wing Children’s Movie That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten 20th Century Fox This year we’ve already heard about The Lego Movie being anti-capitalist (even though it’s the opposite) and...
  11. zitiboy

    Should poor kids be barred from going to the movies?

    A mom has 3 kids. She's single and poor. She has a part-time job that pays $9.50 an hour. That's considered good pay btw for her cashier job. She recieves tanf, assistance that helps her keep a roof over her family's head and food on the table. There's a new blockbuster kids movie out, all the...
  12. BDBoop

    Political humor on TV, in Movies

    If you recall any scenes that made you laugh out loud, relating to politics - my first example should give you a good idea what I'm talking about. I LOVE this guy.
  13. Madeline

    Movies I Am Slightly Afraid To See

    Anyone seen any of these? Did you cry? I hate crying.
  14. Detective Mike Logan

    1950s/60s SCI-FI movies thread

    okay I know this has a movie angle to it but I'm more interested in the scientific slant on things. I've been watching quite a few sci-fi films from the 50s & 60s lately. obviously this was a time when the whole UFO craze was going on, the cold war was emerging, sputnik was about to be launched...
  15. TNVolunteer73

    Has anyone wondered about the newest theme in Top selling movies.

    Hunger Games series, Maze Runner Series, Divergent Series, All, are people in opposition to everything the for what left stands. 1. Central Government 2. Government Education 3. Government Healthcare
  16. vikingbeast

    Should All Civil War Movies Be Banned?

    Starting with the pro-KKK "Birth of a Nation" in the 1920's............. Gone With the Wind The Blue and the Gray Glory Gettysburg (I was an extra in that one - don't censor me!) Andersonville Gods and Generals And all the others I've forgotten because they sucked, like "North and South"
  17. godlessheathen

    Let's Talk Upcoming Movies

    There are SO many movies that look like they're going to be awesome coming out soon. What are you looking forward to? Here are a few of mine.
  18. meridian5455

    Al Sharpton to have a say in what movies Sony produces/shows

    As a result of the Sony hacked email scandal, Al Sharpton is getting more involved in Hollywood's business: Here are a some Sharpton-Approved movies: Mission Impossible: Unless You Pay Me. Harry Potter and the Magical White Privilege A Fish Called Tawana The Nutty Oppressor "Grease...
  19. timslash

    Sony, ‘The Interview’ and the unspoken truth that all movies are political

    Sony, ?The Interview? and the unspoken truth: All movies are political - The Washington Post Why they all media are talking about this stupid movie and North Korea? We are not citizens of Korea, why we are talking about this country? Let's forget about them and about losses of japanese...
  20. Detective Mike Logan

    STAR TREK: how comes they never made any DS9, Voyager, Enterprise movies

    were there ever any plans to make any of these take the jump to movies? was it ever discussed? surely behind-the-scenes execs must have thought about the idea. or was it felt they were not popular enough and too much of a risk? data seems to suggest that all 3 still had their fair share of...