1. The Man

    Rusal moving back to Russia

    Rusal says board backs change of domicile to Russia Also: TASS: Business & Economy - Rusal mulls re-registering company in Russia Deripaska's Sanctioned Company Will Move to Russia Many in Russia have long wanted the oligarchs to fully bring their business back to the Motherland, to pay...
  2. L

    It’s Not About Moving to the Left. It’s About Solving Problems and Winning Elections.

    by David Atkins July 23, 2018 This week has seen a bonanza of concern trolling by centrist factions against the energy and activism coming from the left. The shocking election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th district was followed by the California Democratic Party’s endorsement...
  3. Pragmatist

    Harley Davidson moving production outside the US

    Way to go Mr president. That's out of speaker Ryans state, good. To those from Minnesota who voted for trump and lost their job, tough shit.
  4. Minotaur

    US says NKorea talks moving quickly, Trump to leave early

    Anyone want to translate this early departure? lol US says NKorea talks moving quickly, Trump to leave early
  5. cpicturetaker12

    HARLEY DAVIDSON moving facility to BANGKOK & using its TAX SAVINGS to buy back stock!

    Just as Trump, the GOP and God meant it to be. They will be sitting fat and happy!! One two punch to workers and the community. Man they didn't even worry about the OPTICS of this one! Probably would be best if RYAN and Trump Pence used better examples and PHOTO OPS to show just how...
  6. Babba

    Moving Embassy to Jerusalem Raises Tensions in the Area

    Trump is a fucking idiot and if you voted for him, so are you.
  7. Friday13

    Police called on former Obama staffer for 'moving while black'

    Moving in now = burglary. Police called on former Obama staffer for 'moving while black'
  8. Friday13

    Grassley 'moving ahead' with Mueller bill despite McConnell's opposition

    Yertle being an ass again, protecting the 'Moran' in Chief. Grassley 'moving ahead' with Mueller bill despite McConnell's opposition
  9. Darkman

    Christians emerge as key patrons for Jews moving to Israel

    Evangelical groups supported 8,500 immigrants to Jewish state in 2017, though some observers remain suspicious of apocalyptic motivation In this January 30...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Trump BFF/Newsmax owner panics, 'this is moving extremely' fast & closer to Trump

    Yep. Accelerated. Everyone in the FED investigatory and judicial realm said this thing has picked up speed. I think they're talking the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE angle (there are many many levels after).Remember Bannon comes up next for his little 'interview'. Flynn has already cut a deal...
  11. bajisima

    Broadcom moving legal headquarters back to the US

    The semiconductor company Broadcom is moving its legal headquarters back to the United States from Singapore. President Trump announced the move Thursday during a press conference in the Oval Office. It came just after he touted a new tax proposal from House Republicans. CEO Hock Tan...
  12. MaryAnne

    Where Are Millenials Moving To?

    The answer may surprise you. According to USA Today the number one city is Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University, one of the oldest Colleges. Others include Lima, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Low cost of housing, living and other factors. Where are Millennials...
  13. Southern Dad

    Businesses Moving into the Urban Areas?

    I find this story to be very interesting. Another giant employer mentioned is Caterpillar who is moving from Peoria to Chicago. Imagining some of the reactions to this story already... Crime? These corporations are moving to places like Chicago but are not moving to the high crime areas of...
  14. BYG Jacob

    Carrier moving Jobs Trump vowed to save to Mexico lulz, you guys sick of winning yet?
  15. T

    After Trump pressured Ford out of moving factory to Mexico, company decides to build

    Will Trump take credit for this? After braying loudly about how fucking awesome he was regarding Ford jobs staying in this country, braying which was not accurate, the jobs are instead going to China. Or Jina as the prescient used to say. No word on Twitter form him claiming credit for that...
  16. C

    Younger Americans are moving away from religion

    According to a new, massive study, American youth are moving away from religion:Recent cohorts of American adolescents are less religiously oriented than their predecessors, although the majority are still involved with religion (see Table 1). First, American adolescents are now less likely to...
  17. bajisima

    MSNBC not joining the resistance moving to the center

    Seems Hugh Hewitt and Nicole Wallace are getting their own shows on MSNBC angering some.. On Friday, readers of the new morning email put out by Mike Allen awoke to a little nugget of news. “One of your favorites is getting their own MSNBC show,” he teased in the subject line. That new host...
  18. Eve1

    Anybody know were Trumps' business is moving their manufacturing?

    Just curious, does anybody know where Trump's company is moving manufacturing? It has been in China and elsewhere in the world but not in the USA. Shouldn't they lead by example and have his business' come home and employ Americans? Any responses from anybody on this forum? It would really...
  19. Amelia

    Texas moving forward with budget cuts for disabled kids' therapy services

    Texas moving forward with budget cuts for disabled kids' therapy services More kindling on the fire to help bring Democrats out to vote in 2018 and 2020.
  20. bajisima

    New England moving to a new time zone?

    Seems this is gaining momentum..Going to be confusing. New Hampshire would follow Massachusetts in adopting Atlantic Standard Time, and put an end to “spring ahead” and “fall back,” if a bill that passed the House on Thursday clears the Senate and is signed into law. House Bill 209...