1. the watchman

    does CNN and MSNBC think viewers are stupid?

    just sayin. It's getting harder and harder to stomach the coverage. Today, on both networks, they were busy trying to convince viewers that they are the ones they should trust to tell them the truth. We shouldn't trust anything that Trump says. Or so they say. Why? Because they said so...
  2. Devil505

    MSNBC reports Mueller has new evidence that Trump knew about Trump tower meeting

    Breaking News!! In advance and got details from son who reported to him.
  3. the watchman

    MSNBC goes after Bill Clinton.

    its like watching Fox News. 20 years ago Bill Clinton had an affair. So now, Craig Melvin decided to ask him if he'd apologized to Monica Lowwensky? It's in an interview that MSNBC is showing excerpt from through out the day. He got defensive about it. Then said that he hasn't apologized to...
  4. Crusher

    [GW #110] MSNBC host Joy Reid may be lying when she denies gay slurs The Internet Archive website, which takes images of layouts of popular websites and archives them for viewing, is rebutting claims by liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid, who claimed...
  5. excalibur

    Proactiv Pulls Ads from MSNBC

    Two can play this game . Proactiv Pulls Ads From MSNBC After Ex-Contributor Attacks Pro-Gun Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv | Breitbart
  6. the watchman

    Long Island Deals With MS-13 Violence & Impact Of Donald Trump's Rhetoric | MSNBC
  7. the watchman

    so trump is on cnn, msnbc, cspan, fox news, and my local news channel.

    just sayin. I don't recall this much attention being paid to Obama, or Bush, or Clinton. Every time they let the cameras near him the media preempts everything else to cover it. Was it like this with other presidents and I'm just not remembering?
  8. the watchman

    guess cnn and msnbc don't care if kids are watching.

    so, all day long on both networks they have a headline plastered up on the screen using profanity. You know what word I'm referring to if you've been watching. Why? Because if the point of it all is suppose to be that Trump referred to these countries in a profane manner, that point is lost in...
  9. M

    Steve Rattner MSNBC Genius

    Steve Rattner who is an "Economic Analyst on MSNBC's Morning Joe, and is a contributing writer to the New York Times Op Ed page" mad a famous prediction on the eve of the presidential election. He said "So if Mr Trump were to win, I think you would see a massive downturn in the market the...
  10. the watchman

    msnbc having a difficult day after firing of lauer. this isn't going to be fair. But, every time I've caught MSNBC today I've heard a host say how "difficult" a day is for them. Of course, they disclaim that by...
  11. Thx1138

    My MSNBC complaint

    Here is something I just attempted to send to MSNBC feedback... I put it in the comments section, I pressed the submit button, but it either didn't take, or they want to review comments before they put them up... in any case, it's not posted yet. (I hit the "submit" button about 40 times. And...
  12. the watchman

    Media Accesses Puerto Rico Roads FEMA Won't Drive With Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC in other words. The Trump administration is full of crap.
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Breaking: MSNBC announces1st indictment, MANAFORT

    Zero surprise on this one. Will put up a link as soon as available.
  14. MaryAnne

    Floridian Member's Check in Thread.

    People from the Keys now, back to Cat 5. Here I am in the middle of the night worrying about all those in Fla., even in the shelters. Are you safe?
  15. Minotaur

    Breaking MSNBC researched the word Alt-Left

    They discovered it started quietly appearing on Alt-right racist sites last year and Hannity ran with it. Those on the left did not know what alt-left was. So there you have it; it is just the equivalency that racists use to pretend they are the same. It is part of their misinformation mission.
  16. Bronwyn

    Meagn Kelly cancelled early by MSNBC

    OUCH: Megyn Kelly's Sunday Show Cancelled Earlier Than Planned Due to super low ratings. She screwed her career by signing on with the liberal media.
  17. T

    Trump: Greta Van Susteren fired for refusing MSNBC's 'Trump hate'

    Our mean girl president took to Twitter again this morning. Shocking, I know. This time to spout some made up nonsense about a talk show host, Van Susteren, being fired from MSNBC for not hating trump to sufficient levels. Indeed, this is how Trump spent his Saturday morning. Trump: Greta...
  18. the watchman

    MSNBC Starts Slow With New Hugh Hewitt Show.

    With the addition of Hugh Hewitt's new Saturday morning show, MSNBC appears to be betting on the long-term potential of drawing more viewers outside of its liberal core audience, even if ratings for the conservative commentator aren't initially great. Hewitt's Saturday 8 a.m. show only runs...
  19. bajisima

    Greta van Susteran out at MSNBC

    Only 6 months. MSNBC has parted ways with anchor Greta Van Susteren after just six months on air, as her show failed to live up to the network's ratings expectations. An MSNBC executive said the decision to remove the former Fox News host was purely for business reasons, based on ratings...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    GOP'rs onTRUMP bashing MSNBC hosts "beneath the dignity of the office?" CHICKENSHITS!

    That's the most they have to say? Personal, TRASHY, bullying, misogynist and classic Trump!! And the most they can muster is 'below the dignity of his office'? This is below the dignity of being a human! Where the fuck is his lowest bar? Where the fuck is THEIR lowest bar? GOP senators: Trump...