1. C

    John Murtha dies at 77 I can't say I hold a very high opinion of the man, but I do appreciate his dedication and service to the United States. This really was unexpected; only a couple of weeks ago reports showed that he was getting better.
  2. Blueneck

    John Murtha is dead

    Just heard it on the news. I don't have a link.
  3. T

    Murtha in ICU Following 'Complications' From Surgery

    I certainly hope he will be fine. Whilst I disagree with the socially conservative Democrat, I certainly applaud him on his lack of partisanship and his ability to stand up for his ideals. Rep. John Murtha has been...
  4. P

    Murtha Airport?

    Ok you Cons are gonna love this one! Tell me, do you think this is a waste of money too?
  5. R

    Rep. Murtha Dogged By Questions About Earmark Use

    Boy these Democrats sure are a crooked bunch.... Change my ass. The work of those lobbyists took them often to Murtha's Capitol Hill office, as well as those of fellow Democrats Peter Visclosky of Indiana, Jim Moran of Virginia and others on the defense appropriations subcommittee that Murtha...
  6. M

    Will Rep Murtha Now Apologize

    eAnother of the US MArines accused of murder & taken to trail (courts martial) has now been cleared. Out of the original 7, there has now been 6 cleared, one more to go. Murtha accused them of "cold blooded murderers" before there were ever any charges filed. Does he now owe the ones that have...
  7. M

    Murtha: President's Iraq war plan requires draft

    Michael Roston Published: Wednesday April 18, 2007 Rep. John Murtha, a veteran of the U.S. Marines who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, said that President George W. Bush cannot continue to carry out his current war plans in Iraq without starting a draft. "The president asks the...
  8. D

    Congressman John Murtha is an absolute disgrace

    Congressman John Murtha is an absolute disgrace to the US Marine Corps. Here’s what the dirtbag said: “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. There was no firefight that led to the shootings at close range, the Vietnam war...