1. Monk-Eye

    Farcical Farsi Fictional Ishmaelism Mushroom Hats Price Is Reich

    " Farcical Farsi Fictional Ishmaelism Mushroom Hats Price Is Reich " * Humiliated Punks of Arab Dictates Mauling Four Their Masters * Iranian media outlets add to bounty for killing Britain's Rushdie
  2. L

    Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

    Honeybees need a healthy diet of pollen, nectar and water. But at a bee laboratory in eastern Washington state, Steve Sheppard fills their feeding tubes with murky brown liquid from the forest. His bees are getting a healthy dose of mushroom juice. "If this does what we hope, it will be...
  3. B

    Breaking: Giant Mushroom Cloud over Beijing

    Giant Mushroom Cloud Appears Over Beijing | China News Center "The China Daily is reporting that a giant mushroom cloud resembling an atomic explosion is being seen all over the capital city of Beijing on Sunday. The video of the cloud has already appeared all over YouTube (see below)...
  4. Divine Wind

    'Magic mushroom' drug may improve personality long-term

    If one dose provides positive improvement in 60% of patients, I wonder what a few dozen or a hundred doses would do? 'Magic mushroom' drug may improve personality long-term -
  5. G

    The mushroom thread

    Living here in the pacific northwest especially with the very mild summer we had there is a bounty of mushrooms everywhere. It's fungus world. there are many differnt kinds. Many edible..some hallucinoginec, some deadly. There is a huge harvest that is picked and lots of money is made in the...
  6. B

    2 Weeks Left: McCain Resorts to Bush Era Mushroom Cloud Fear

    McCain has evoked the Cuban Missle Crisis in his latest string of last minute scare tactics. McCain raises spectre of nuclear crisis if Obama wins - Times Online