1. michaelr

    Pirated Music the Airport?

    Pirated Music the Airport? but...but...say it isn't so, the government lied again, they said TSA was screening laptops and cameras and other digital storage devices for evidence of terrorism.....
  2. G

    Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

    Happy Super Tuesday to everyone!! Hopefully everyone is voting who can vote. This is such an exciting time, you can really feel like the American people are waking up and getting ready to take this country back into our hands. That being said, I'm leaning towards Obama now that Edwards is out...
  3. M

    High Voltage Music.

    For those who like a little music with their personal protection: the Taser that plays MP3s Article here......... WTF, what do y'all think?
  4. C

    Do you know music?

    Do you know music? Many years ago I became conscious of my ignorance of music. Of course, I recognized all the popular music and even tried to sing some of it occasionally. I had, for a very long time, been aware that I did not know music but for some reason I became conscious of this fact...
  5. K

    Favorite Music with a religion theme

    Pro or Con of course. I would not expect this to be a love fest...... My partial list: The Grudge - Alanis Morisette Doubting Thomas - Chris Thile Worthy is the Lamb - Handel (Kicks the Hallelujiah Chorus' butt IMHO) What if God was one of us? - Joan Osbourne River of Faith - Chris Thile (an...
  6. B

    No more music on the Pakistani Frontier

    This is really dangerous. This is the type of brainwashing, social engineering that creates the monsters that our military is forced to fight overseas. How can we ever have any peace, in the long run, if these people aren't free to think peacefully? If these people aren't free to buy and sell...
  7. T

    The importance of music

    Scientists have uncovered the first concrete evidence that playing music can significantly enhance the brain and sharpen hearing for all kinds of sounds, including speech. "Experience with music appears to help with many other things in life, potentially transferring to activities like...
  8. I

    Music Video: God hates a fag.

    WTF? Anti Homosexual Song -
  9. I

    Killing the Music

    "Some bands simply can't afford the gas and are booking discount flights, taking the train or boarding a Greyhound instead. " Not only has this administration hurt the blue collar workers for years to come, they're hurting the troubadours as well... I take offense... ~A Troubadour...
  10. S

    Feminism in Music

    Recently, I'm of the opinion that music, especially popular music, has become a breeding ground for the subjection of women. Why do I bring this up? I work in a bar where they play a lot of popular music. A recent "hit" contains the lyrics "I just want to call you my bitch". Now, if that was...