1. RNG

    American Muslims have to discover some oil I guess

    After not having one last year, the Republican President held an Iftar dinner. That is the meal after sundown at which Muslims break their fast. Multiple news sources have carried this story. And several have commented that ambassadors from multiple Gulf States were guests. Missing...
  2. Darkman

    Multiple church bombings: Indonesia Muslims misbehaving... ISIS claims responsibility

    Family, With Children in Tow, Carry Out Suicide Bombings at 3 Churches in Indonesia --- Multiple people dead and wounded... Wonder if they shouted Allahu Akbar or did it quietly.
  3. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Do we owe Muslims another apology?

    Do we owe Muslims another apology? This link says yes. Je Suis Muslim: How Universal Secular Rights Protect Muslim Communities the Most - Video | Big Think This link says no. To those who think we should try to separate the good Muslims from...
  4. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters? Scholars think so and so do I. What is God? - Video | Big Think Scriptures warn against idol worship yet that is exactly what Christian and Muslims do. If you can talk about or name your God, you are an idolater. Do you realize that...
  5. The Man

    More Muslims than evangelicals support gay marriage in US

    More US Muslims now support same-sex marriage than white evangelicals Fascinating :)
  6. ProgressivePatriot

    Religious Freedom and Circumcision? Where do the issues Intersect and How

    We hear a lot about religious freedom these days in the context of various "culture wars" issues, but circumcision? I grew up in Brooklyn NY in a neighborhood that was mixed Italian Catholics and Jewish people. Circumcision was not an issue. All males, including myself were circumcised, at least...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    Tweet boy sends scathing tale down tweet about MUSLIMS to the wrong THERESA MAY

    Don't you just hate when that happens?? 40 million followers to some "Theresa May" out in the world. Might not be a bad idea that if you are going to go on a twitter rant, to get the recipients account name right. But that's just me. He doesn't have many friends left, why's he pissing off...
  8. John T Ford

    Muslims Attack in Canada ... Again

    A suspect stabbed an Edmonton police constable then later drove a truck that tried to ram into pedestrians while it was being chased by police cruisers in downtown Edmonton Saturday night, officials say, in what is now being investigated as a terrorism incident. Four pedestrians and the...
  9. Djinn

    Why doesn’t FFRF go after Muslims?

    This question has come up on several occasions. Sometimes it's worded "Why does the Freedom From Religion Foundation only target Christians?" Part of the answer is that the combined Muslims, Jews, and Hindus represent only 3.5% of the U.S. population, compared with Christians at 70.6%. You...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Trump fan threatens Muslims: WAR--'billions of camel jockey piercing rounds of AMMO'

    President's FANS! "Hey you Muslim pig swine"... Get ready to have war’: Trump fan threatens Muslims with ‘billions of camel jockey-piercing rounds of ammo’ BOB BRIGHAM 08 JUL 2017 AT 13:34 ET A man yells insults at Muslims who want to build a mosque in Virginia (Screenshot/WUSA9) DON'T...
  11. The Man

    Man tried to ram car into crowd of Muslims in Paris

    Paris mosque incident: Man tries to ram car into crowd of Muslim worshippers, police say | The Independent Good God, and he is my blood kin: Driver arrested after trying to ram a car into crowd of people outside Paris mosque Mosque and its security barrier This is seriously...
  12. Pragmatist

    Muslims blow up Mosque?

    So this groups who calls themselves the "Islamic state" just finished blowing up a historic 12th century mosque. I have been arguing in other threads that calling these animals "Muslim" or "Islamic" is a big mistake. I was just wondering if anyone thought Muslims around the world would be...
  13. aboutenough

    Bernie Demands Religious Litmus Test for Christians but Not Muslims

    Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders applies a religious litmus test to Christians in public service positions, but when it comes to applying the same standard to Muslims, the Vermont senator claimed that they should instead be judged by their “views [and] abilities” instead “of their religion.” In...
  14. the watchman

    Trump Humiliates America With Disgraceful Ramadan Message To Muslims

    Trump Humiliates America With Disgraceful Ramadan Message To Muslims there is something seriously wrong with this man.
  15. DemoWhip

    Ninth Circuit questions Trump's statements on Muslims, president's powers in appeal

    Those are important questions the judge panel has asked. Let's hope they get some straight answers in an effort not to continue to ostracize people to include women and children who may be otherwise innocent from entering into this country. ----------------------------------------...
  16. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Muslims say; religious freedom for me, but not for thee.

    Muslims say; religious freedom for me, but not for thee. The Golden Rule and other reciprocity sayings indicate that what we grant ourselves or some others should also be granted to everyone. This would include the right to critique religions and governments. Islam and it’s Muslim adherents...
  17. Djinn

    Muslims Raise $125K+ for Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

    This is the sort of story that deserves WAY more press than it receives. As discussed in an earlier thread, vandals damaged over 100 headstones in a Jewish cemetery in Missouri last weekend. Tarek El-Messidi, the founding director of Celebrate Mercy, a nonprofit that produces webcasts and...
  18. G

    Trump’s loose talk about Muslims gets weaponized in court against travel ban

    Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and now into the first weeks of his presidency, critics suggested that he cool his incendiary rhetoric, that his words matter. His defenders responded that, as Corey Lewandowski said, he was being taken too “literally.” Some, like Vice President Pence, wrote it...
  19. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Saw PETTING THE KITTY on Meet The Press next to POTUS during EO Signing BAN Muslims!?

    During a Clip on Meet The Press. This Lady behind our Dear Leader POTUS during EO Signing Banning of Muslims! She was Flipping the Bird to/at America. She was messing around using her Middle Finger Rubbing Up and Down 5-6 times? During a Live EO Signing. FFS! Or really was just Petting the...
  20. BAZINGA DrumpF

    PM Justin Trudeau opens doors to Muslims! FFS! We Need NEW GREAT WALL up north NOW!

    To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Justin Trudeau JustinTrudeau 56 minutes :think: So Muslims will fly into Canada and cross the WIDE Open NO WALL northern Border to get us NOW! To Wall... To Wall. We can Stand the...