1. DebateDrone

    Nail manufacturing exec who voted for Trump blames him for layoffs, asks Dems 4 Help

    I'm posting this case to show that Trump's tariffs has immediate harm and no long term solution. this thread is also in response of a thread proclaiming that US steel manufacture is hiring workers and going back to work. The nail manufacturer imported steel for his American made nails...
  2. T

    Largest US nail manufacturer 'on the brink of extinction' because of the steel tariff

    The very real impacts of the Trump ego based tariffs seemingly are starting to hit home. A company that relies on steel is rapidly going out of business, caused at least partially by tariff's. In the short amount of time since the tariff's have been imposed the company has laid off 6...
  3. excalibur

    'Lucia' Puts Another Nail in Mueler's Coffin

    'Lucia' Puts Another Nail in Mueller's Coffin 'Lucia et al v. the SEC', today decided, again confirms the importance of the 'Appointments Clause'. The office of special counsel is as unconstitutional as was today decided the SEC's ALJ's are unconstitutional. As Justice Thomas said in his...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    GOP CA delegation waffle on tax bill & there are enough of them to put a nail in it!

    Apparently these Rep. boys and girls have had sit ins in DC in CA offices and are getting some serious pushback from their voters. Not over SOCIALIST programs like gay rights or protecting beaches or spotted owls, it's about taking away their mortgage interest and state income tax deductions...
  5. bajisima

    North Koreas missiles may be last nail for Japans pacifism

    Interesting. Many of us forget Japan has a constitution that forbids them from military confrontation. The two ballistic missiles that North Korea fired over Japan in the past three weeks sent ordinary Japanese citizens scrambling for cover, rattled financial markets and shocked a region...
  6. BDBoop

    Russell Brand completely hits the nail on the head w/regard to FOX News Who is this FOX person, I've never seen her before, thanks be to all that's holy. What a rabid git. Whackadoodles - but Russell does an amazing counterpoint.
  7. TrueMan

    Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date-Rape Drugs

    The chemistry startup, developed by undergrads, is creating a nail polish that, when exposed to date rape drugs, changes color. The nail polish is a scientific attempt to thwart a nationwide problem. Some of these drugs are legal in the US when lawfully used for medical purposes. But that...
  8. Chief

    TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Armed Soldier

    TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Armed Soldier - Perspective - PatriotPost.US Not sure if this is real, but check this out: lmao :)
  9. TennesseeRain

    J.Crew Ad Showing Boy With Pink Nail Polish Sparks Debate on Gender Identity

    A J.Crew ad that shows a top designer painting her young son’s toenails neon pink has some parents and doctors seeing red. The image appeared in a feature called "Saturday With Jenna," which was emailed to customers last week and highlights a few of J.Crew president and creative director...