1. DebateDrone

    NASA Space Junk With Note To Trump Triggers NJ!

    NASA package that fell from sky with note mentioning Trump sparks alarm in New Jersey SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- A suspicious package that fell from the sky over New Jersey caused some alarm because it contained a note that mentioned President Donald Trump. South Brunswick police say the...
  2. Singularity

    NASA chief: I need a scientific leader to back me up. Trump:*appoints swamp creature*

    And wouldn't you know it, Bridenstine thought the deputy NASA administrator should probably be a woman, too. But on Thursday, the White House went in a completely different direction, nominating James Morhard, a longtime senior staffer on Capitol Hill with little to no technical experience who...
  3. RNG

    The people's desires of NASA

    The Republican President's attempts to relive past glories and send men to the moon again has struck out with the population. In fact, the majority of people think NASA should have monitoring the earth's climate systems as its top priority. Neat, eh? More Americans view monitoring...
  4. Friday13

    Black teens targeted by racist hackers after becoming finalists in NASA competition

    This is despicable behavior by racists... Three black teens targeted by racist hackers after becoming finalists in NASA competition WaPo: Three black teens are finalists in a NASA competition. Hackers spewing racism tried to ruin their odds.
  5. EnigmaO01

    Nasa releases time lapse of disappearing arctic polar ice cap

    NASA releases time-lapse of the disappearing Arctic polar ice cap |
  6. Spookycolt

    NASA Pinpoints Cause of Earth’s Recent Record Carbon Dioxide Spike

    Boy NASA is becoming the biggest contributor for proof against AGW lately. Here is another example of nature completely blowing the human contribution to carbon dioxide out of the water.
  7. ptif219

    Oops! Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere, According to NASA

    So much for the Global warming nuts claiming that coastal cities will flood. Oops! Sea Levels Dropping Everywhere, According to NASA | Truth Revolt
  8. Spookycolt

    So what is this a picture of?......taken by the rover Opportunity and on NASA's site

    It certainly isn't a rock. People are claiming its part of the heat shield from when the Rover landed. Doesn't look like a heat shield to me and remember this is an official NASA picture. Here is a video from a guy who...
  9. bajisima

    NASA revives plan to put nuclear reactors on Mars

    As NASA makes plans to one day send humans to Mars, one of the key technical gaps the agency is working to fill is how to provide enough power on the Red Planet’s surface for fuel production, habitats, and other equipment. One option: small nuclear fission reactors, which work by splitting...
  10. bajisima

    NASA to announce a huge discovery tomorrow

    On Wednesday, February 22 at 1pm EST (6pm GMT), NASA is going to hold a news conference to announce a major finding relating to planets outside the Solar System. In the few details released to the public, the agency said they would “present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than...
  11. Friday13

    NASA watching Greenland melt

    NASA took on an unprecedented study of Greenland?s melting. Now, the data are coming in
  12. Djinn

    Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA

    (Image linked) Yeah, I know... belongs in "Humor." Tough. :)
  13. L

    Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’

    And today, in a big win for the anti-science crowd... Stupid is as stupid does. NASA has never been a political entity.
  14. bajisima

    NASA seeks to hand over space station to commercial entity

    At a recent press conference, Bill Hill, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for exploration systems development, noted that the agency is looking to turn over the International Space Station to a privately held company in the next decade. During a panel discussion on NASA’s plans for a...
  15. L

    NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Methane 'Hot Spot'

    The 2,500-square mile plume is said to be the largest concentration of the potent greenhouse gas in the country byLauren McCauley, staff writer A NASA study released on Monday confirms that a methane "hot spot" in the Four Corners region of the American southwest is directly related to leaks...
  16. bajisima

    NASA study finds fracking as source of methane hot spot

    A NASA study released on Monday confirms that a methane "hot spot" in the Four Corners region of the American southwest is directly related to leaks from natural gas extraction, processing, and distribution. The 2,500-square mile plume, first detected in 2003 and confirmed by NASA satellite...
  17. Goofball

    NASA Data Tampering doubles sea level rise.

    How many times does the Cult need to be exposed before the idiot Cultists realize they have been snookered? NASA ? Doubling Sea Level Rise By Data Tampering | Real Science
  18. Goofball

    NASA: Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum

    Weird how these things work, huh? Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum | NASA
  19. A

    NASA bans the word 'Jesus'

    Yes, it's apparently true that NASA has banned Jesus from its Johnson Space Center News letter. Liberty Institute law firm is threatening to sue NASA. In the past, NASA had tolerated the word Jesus in its newsletter but NASA attorneys have said the word Jesus is sectarian, denominational and...
  20. excalibur

    Burning fossil fuels 'COOLS planet', says NASA

    More of that "settled science". Climate change shock: Burning fossil fuels COOLS planet, says NASA | UK | News | Daily Express