1. bajisima

    Don Jr nears his divorce but is already engaged?

    He didnt waste any time.. Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump are closing in on a divorce agreement. The pair have worked out custody for their five children, a judge said Thursday, and they are nearing a financial agreement, according to a lawyer for Trump Jr., the oldest son of President...
  2. T

    Trump Criticizes China as Meeting on North Korea Nears

    "We've had vicious kings and we've had idiot kings, but l don't know if we've ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king." Indeed, when will someone slap the phone out of the president's hand? Today, his stupid comments were regarding China trading with North Korea. True or not? Hard ot...
  3. DemoWhip

    Obamacare favorability nears record propelled by independents: poll

    A great number of Americans still continue to support Obamacare! They also Strongly Support Medicare and Medicaid funding to be maintained but with increased funding levels. That is speaking volumes for what Americans think of those important programs. They want them preserved as they are a...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Ivanka nears deal with JAPANESE mfr. as she sits in on meeting with JAPAN Prime Min.

    And the HITS just keep on coming and coming and coming. Another day, another deal--for them. And this is for PROFIT!! Imagine if Bill was sitting in on HILLARY'S meetings at this juncture and he runs a non-profit? Ivanka was finalizing Japanese business deal at time of Trump, Abe meeting...
  5. John T Ford

    Leftist Extremist Are Becoming More Violent as Election Nears

    VIDEO: Hispanic man films white woman being beaten over Trump yard sign - The American MirrorThe American Mirror *Warning* Video contains strong language as is typically heard coming from uneducated leftist supporters.
  6. Frank

    Today's Mad Moment: GOP Nears Breaking Point With Trump

    News from The Associated Press The only natural conclusion is that these people were really slow getting to the party.
  7. bajisima

    Vilsack's stock rises as Hillary nears VP pick

    Looks like it could be down to 3. "Fast approaching her final decision on a running mate, Hillary Clinton appears to be looking closely at Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Labor Secretary Tom Perez, say multiple people who are in regular contact with her inner circle. But it’s another member of...
  8. Vladimir Putin

    Kim Hong Un Balloons to 300 Pounds As Famine Nears

    Portly North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, whose hostile actions have brought crippling international sanctions to his impoverished nation, has a new message for the Hermit Kingdom’s starving masses: Get ready to eat plant roots. Kim, whose weight the South Korean government estimates has...
  9. L

    RBS cries 'sell everything' as deflationary crisis nears

    RBS has advised clients to brace for a “cataclysmic year” and a global deflationary crisis, warning that major stock markets could fall by a fifth and oil may plummet to $16 a barrel. The bank’s credit team said markets are flashing stress alerts akin to the turbulent months before the Lehman...
  10. bajisima

    US bombers on standby as Iran nuclear deal nears close

    "The official deadline for an agreement is today, but the parties have all but declared that talks will not be concluded by the stroke of midnight. Though the negotiations are likely to continue for at least several more days in search of an agreement, the remaining obstacles and dragging...
  11. meridian5455

    Christian alternative to ObamaCare growing fast as deadline nears

    Christian alternative to ObamaCare growing fast as deadline nears | Fox News It's good to see that there are alternatives for people who need health insurance but don't want to purchase it through Obamacare.
  12. michaelr

    Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears

    Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears No really....hahaha Hell Obama gave them shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles. Hows that peeps?
  13. Rev. Hellh0und

    Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears

    What will you be doing on the the last day of the world? I'm thinking we are going to have an apocalypse BBQ.... anyway, anyone here believe that the mayan's are on to something? :rugby:
  14. Stefan Bandera

    Obama to speak tonight Boehner, Reid unveil new debt plans as deadline nears

    Boehner, Reid unveil new debt plans as deadline nears - Supposedly Pres Obama will state that we are in a stalemate and that Let's say that is what he does so is that his best approach ? Have thew Democrats already caved in ? Have the Republicans caved in to the Tea Party...
  15. M

    Netflix nears over $100 Million Dollar Deal With Miramax.....

    Hard to believe these guys just started as a mail-in DVD retailers.....but as the AP states they are doing this to many that streamline. What's the difference? I am sure they can get more but why would people be more interested in watching movies online than on their big 37 to 50 inch TV's...
  16. (R)IGHTeous 1

    MORE national DemocRAT FAIL; Obama admin silent, offers NOTHIN as govt shutdown nears nice.....threatening to veto a much NEEDED, serious bill that cuts spending and helps reduce the deficit, while offering NOTHING. Obama sits out budget brawl Mum on cuts as shutdown looms As prospects for a government shutdown grow, the Obama White House has been largely absent...
  17. michaelr

    Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record

    Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record Food stamps, the 21st century soup line. What is this, 1 in 7 Americans, nice......
  18. nonsqtr

    gold nears 1100 as prez of KC Fed warns of oligarchy

    The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City warns of an oligarchy in the United States: Meanwhile, gold climbed to 1098 briefly today, it looks likely to top 1100 tomorrow....
  19. michaelr

    Hinckley - Bush Family Friend - Nears Release

    Hinckley - Bush Family Friend - Nears Release Not exactly a conspiracy theory, hell I knew this decades ago, before the internet, but some want more posts in this forum. Anyone notice the change in Reagan after the vice president almost became president???
  20. M

    Flash Back: Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges Top $12.8 Trillion

    Financial Rescue Nears GDP as Pledges Top $12.8 Trillion This is from march 30th, the numbers are worse. These numbers mean that every.......every man woman and child owes $108,000, and there is no end in sight.