1. cpicturetaker12

    BREITBARTs 'Bernie negro' for TRUMP, vote suppression for cash, Camb. Analy & more!

    Waaaay back, when AOL was the deliverer of political boards, an RNC poster for hire spilled the beans. He was all over AOL. They, too, stopped paying the guy and he vented with details and specificity as to what he did and even what he was paid. I think it was 2004. I called the DNC and...
  2. M

    Mediocre Negro

    "Mediocre Negro" is apparently the term used by Marc Lamont Hill to describe African Americans who have met with Trump. That sounds a bit harsh. Anyone else hear about this? I heard local radio guy talking about it.
  3. Vladimir Putin

    Cuban State Media: ‘Negro’ Obama ‘Incited Rebellion and Disorder’

    The Havana Tribune, a state-controlled Cuban newspaper, has added insult to injury following Fidel Castro’s scathing criticism of President Barack Obama upon his departure from the island. In an editorial, the title of which refers to President Obama as “negro,” an opinion columnist has accused...
  4. ChoppedUpLiver

    Black Female NY Spanish Teacher FIRED For Using The Word "NEGRO"

    Are hyper-sensitive people ruling this nation now? If ANYONE is offended by ANYTHING, is that just cause for action?Fired for word: 'Negro' in Spanish class Fired for word 'negro'? A Bronx teacher has filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired for using the word 'negro' in class. 'Negro' is the...
  5. B

    RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song

    Instead of trying to regain some respect after a dismal defeat in November a candidate for the chairmanship of the RNC pulls this. I swear, Republicans just don't have a clue. Next up in their quest to make complete fools of themselves, several are going to object to Obama's victory. RNC...