1. bajisima

    Neighbor calls police for boy mowing the wrong yard

    Who the hell does this? A 12-year-old entrepreneur says his lawn-mowing business is getting a lot of new clients after someone called the police on him for mowing the wrong yard. Reggie Fields runs Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service in the Cleveland, Ohio, suburb of Maple Heights. He has...
  2. EnigmaO01

    Going to try and get my neighbor to vote for he first time

    He claims he doesn't because his vote won't make a difference. And I have an ulterior motive: He despises Trump so I think I can get him to vote democratic. :tennis: Anybody persuade anybody to vote?
  3. cpicturetaker12

    North Carolina woman confronts man with swastika flag

    She's bold! Probably a little bit stupid. However, if one was flying in my neighborhood, I'd stop too! You'll have to open it, the entire video is posted. This is Nazi f*cking America!’: Watch what happens when a NC woman confronts man with swastika flag SARAH K. BURRIS 15 AUG 2017 AT...
  4. Ginger

    Anti-Trump Nutjob Arrested For Murder Of GOP Committeeman Neighbor

    A man described by neighbors as “quarrelsome” and who placed large anti-Trump signs in his yard is in police custody for the murder of his next-door neighbor – a GOP committeeman. Police in West Goshen Township, PA, charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of his next-door neighbor, G...
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Love thy neighbor?

    A truly interesting article challenges so many Americans who are thoughtful to think about what they are taught and whether they actually live according to their own teachings..... When a Muslim doctor arrived in a rural Midwestern town, “it felt right.” But that feeling began to change after...
  6. Macduff

    Man shoots neighbor trying to drown his children Now the District Attorney is considering filing charges against Freeman. That's crazy. The man is a hero.
  7. cpicturetaker12

    'Thank you for your service!' 9yr. old neighbor baked cookies and took them to Comey!

    Some level of decency and humanity was exhibited in this political DEBACLE. This 9year old has more class than Trump ever had or will ever have. Comey's 9-year-old neighbor baked him cookies after he was fired: report BY MALLORY SHELBOURNE - 05/13/17 05:49 PM EDT 17 © Greg Nash Former...
  8. DemoWhip

    Trump voters lament deportation of their neighbor

    It's indeed tragic to separate a dad from his wife and children especially after being in compliance in the United States for so long a period of time. That's why so many Trump supporters are upset with Mr. Beristain being deported back to Mexico. This report is an eye-opener for those who...
  9. bajisima

    San Bernadino shooters friend to be charged

    Why would anyone do this??? Federal prosecutors have decided to bring criminal charges against the friend and former neighbor of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Investigators have said Marquez bought the two assault rifles three years ago that wound up being used in the shooting...
  10. Southern Dad

    A tribute to Confederate heroes is about to get a new neighbor

    Soon there may be a monument to the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. high atop of Stone Mountain in Georgia. The carving at Stone Mountain has long been seen as a symbol of racism in the area. The carving features General Stonewall Jackson, General Robert E Lee, and President Jefferson Davis...
  11. Friday13

    Looks Like the Neighbor Hijacked Her WiFi

    June, 2012...11 SWAT cops, 'flash-bangs', broken door and window, two women handcuffed, no investigation before the raid, NOT a 'no-knock' warrant, cops brought a TV news crew along. Don't comment if you haven't read both of the won't have anything of value to contribute. City...
  12. Madeline

    Is Saving A Neighbor's Neglected Dog "Stealing"?

    Avery County woman rescues dog, charged with theft | Charlotte There is no animal control in this county, and the local humane society not only would not act but would have refused the "stolen dog" as they fear receiving stolen property charges. The sheriff is claiming she could have...
  13. MaryAnne

    Castro Neighbor Arrested

    For 2 murders. Neighbor of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro charged with 1990s rape and murder of two women * - NY Daily News
  14. meridian5455

    Chihuahua fatally shot, cops say neighbor felt dog was attacking

    Chihuahua fatally shot in Detroit, cops say neighbor felt dog was attacking | Fox News Seriously? You are kidding, right?
  15. Blueneck

    Love thy neighbor - ha ha ha

    Someone just bought the house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church and painted it: Man Turns House Across the Street From Westboro Baptist Church Into Gay Pride Flag |
  16. Stefan Bandera

    Gunman's neighbor arrested in connection with firefighter ambush

    Gunman's neighbor arrested in connection with firefighter ambush - Gunman's neighbor arrested in connection with firefighter ambush Dawn Nguyen of Rochester, New York, faces charges over allegedly lying when she purchased an AR-15 rifle -- a .223-caliber weapon -- and 12-gauge...
  17. Tedminator

    Neighbor rescues abducted 6yo girl

    Father of 2 becomes hero in abducted girl's rescue - Yahoo! News ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The timing was just right for saving the life of a 6-year-old girl and for turning a 24-year-old mechanic and father of two young daughters into a hero. It was coincidence that Antonio Diaz Chacon had come...
  18. G

    Help Thy Neighbor

    In a world that seems to revolve around greed, pain and despair, it's nice to read a story like this: A 'Dear Abby' for the down and out From the article: It was just another day's work for Dimiceli, a 60-year-old real estate broker whose weekly column in the Lake Geneva Regional News focuses...
  19. R

    Call 911 if you see your neighbor smoking /smoke police

    SMOKE/FOOD POLICE AND CITIZEN SNITCHES Posted 1:00 AM Eastern by Jim Kouri October 25, 2006 © 2006 Puffing on a cigarette in the city of Omaha just got riskier. While smoking ban ordinances and laws are popping up all across the United States from New York City to Los...
  20. M

    Neighbor's severed head in suspect's car

    MINEOLA, New York (AP) -- A man was arrested in the killing of a retired schoolteacher whose dismembered body was found in his Long Island home and whose severed head was discovered in the trunk of his car, police said. Evan Marshall, 30, of Glen Cove, New York, was expected to be arraigned...