1. RNG

    Dot Don's newest lie

    Since this is now 30 seconds or more later, the title has probably become a lie itself, I'm sure he has spit out another doozy or twelve, but I'll roll with it, anyway. So first he tweets: Well, given his track record this needed some follow-up. And one of many reports on this says: More...
  2. Mister B

    The National Enquirers Newest Tabloid

    Courtesy of Trump and Kushner. I wonder how much Kush was paid (or how many promises were handed out) to publish this propoganda? A Trump-linked publisher put out propaganda on the Saudi crown prince - Business Insider Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the...
  3. Madeline

    Newest Trump WH Hire: Caroline Sunshine

    His newest assistant press secretary is a 22 year old former Disney Channel actor, named Caroline Sunshine. Ay ye ye.
  4. Southern Dad

    Meet the newest recruits of Dubai’s police force: Robo-cars with facial-recognition t

    Imagine police departments using robo-cars and drones to patrol the streets. Could it be coming soon? This could provide excellent evidence of criminal activity that could be used in trials.
  5. GordonGecko

    Meanwhile....Clinton beating Trump by 5 in newest national poll-

    Presidential poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 points - Clinton- 46% Trump- 41% Johnson- 9% Green- 2% Throw in registered voters? Clinton- 45% Trump- 35% Keep in mind, that while national polls are generally trend-indicators, they...
  6. GordonGecko

    Newest Poll- Clinton or Sanders would defeat Trump in general election-

    Poll: Clinton or Sanders could beat Trump in general election - Apparently that Rasmussen (aka "Rightwing-mussen") poll a few weeks back was an outlier. Clinton still holds a lead over Trump, Sanders even more. Which is why you can expect a ramping up on the force-fed Hillary...
  7. Howey

    The Right's Newest Hero!

    A guy facing trial for IMMIGRATION FRAUD! meh...I guess if it's not dem dere Christian messicans, it's ok!
  8. zitiboy

    The Newest Tarzan movie

    The legend of Tarzan...out July 1st. All we have is a 2 min trailer. Obviously you can't write a review from a 2 min trailer...from what I saw this is just another Tarzan movie like what has been done many times b4. Not surprising to me, since IMO it's...
  9. Davocrat

    NC continues to get spanked for being the newest pariah state

    Home Furnishings Market (world's largest furniture show) is having cancelations. Bruce Springsteen canceled his gig last Sunday. 6000 hotel nights canceled at one Greensboro hotel. And today Cirque Du Soleil canceled after a major story in the local daily. Cirque du Soleil® Will Not Perform in...
  10. C

    Trump's newest endorsement

    The White Supremacists love Trump. They love him so much that they are robocalling in Iowa on his behalf.: "I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he is the one candidate who points out that we should accept immigrants who are good for America,”Jared Taylor says on the recording. “We...
  11. GordonGecko

    Fiorina tied with Trump in newest poll on The Donald finally slipping?

    Hope not. Post-Debate Poll: Fiorina Surges to First Place, Tied With Trump | PJ Tatler BUT, it appears as if the "We Love Outsiders" Republican primary voters now have a choice other than a bloviating blowhard with a blown-dry bouffant.....or Dr. Rogers' Neighborhood. A scrappy...
  12. TNVolunteer73

    Has anyone wondered about the newest theme in Top selling movies.

    Hunger Games series, Maze Runner Series, Divergent Series, All, are people in opposition to everything the for what left stands. 1. Central Government 2. Government Education 3. Government Healthcare
  13. ProgressivePatriot

    House’s Newest Immigration Plan Is Mass Deportation

    Remember the RNC "Autopsy Report " that was issued after the 2012 drubbing of the Republicans ?. From the report: There is more but you get the idea......inclusiveness. A softer tone. Now this: Is it possible that Republicans are so xenophobic and cold hearted that they will risk their own...
  14. mrmike

    Newest Obama Dreamers want to go shopping?

    Or are they really just wanting to drop off resumes since they just need jobs? Mall of America Patrons Told to Be Careful Amid Threat (Bloomberg) -- Visitors to the Mall of America must be “particularly careful” after a terror group threatened the Minneapolis-area tourist attraction, the...
  15. bajisima

    Lets all welcome the newest generation: The Homeland generation

    As we watch the Millenial generation hitting their late 20s and approaching 30, its time to welcome the next generation, the Homelanders. "The Homeland Generation comprise the oldest Americans who will never recall any year of prosperity before the catastrophic global financial meltdown of...
  16. S

    Newest Speculative Polling for 2016 Presidential Election

    Released today were a series of polls by CNN/Opinion Research on various the 2016 election, both primaries and general. Because Hillary Clinton has a 57 point lead among potential opponents, the remainder of the polls simply assumes her nomination. Among the Republican primary hopefuls, Jeb...
  17. meridian5455

    How to launch America's newest $360 Million dollar ship Cool!
  18. Use Caution

    Exploding Clothes Newest terror threat? Gee.. this brings new fun at TSA screening.

    Newest terror threat: Exploding clothes? The clothes are reported to become potentially devastating after being dipped in a special liquid. Once the clothes dry they become highly explosive. To make matters worse they are feared to be undetectable with current security devices. American...
  19. C

    Newest Republican "outreach" to women:

    So, has anyone seen this ad? Really? So, the Republicans' latest idea is to treat women like they vote romantically, rather than rationally? And, they can't imagine that this might, possibly, offend the very demographic they're trying to reach...
  20. jackalope

    Everything You Need to Know* About Rick Perry’s Newest Scandal (*But were afraid to a

    Excellent background article, for those still scratching their heads a bit (including me). Found via a linked article at (also a pretty good article, btw): How Will Being Indicted Affect Rick Perry?s 2016 Presidential Hopes? | FiveThirtyEight The Texas Observer article...