1. D

    More than 300 newspapers join a nationwide effort to publish editorials in response t

    More than 300 newspapers join a nationwide effort to publish editorials in response to Trump's attack on media By NATALY PAK ##################################################################### America is outraged at Trump's attacks on the free press...
  2. The Man

    Authorities seize newspapers

    Reports: Newspaper Edition Seized for Covering Unpopular Pension Reform I am not surprised, this is Russia, after all... But, it shows how worried the government there is about discontent with the pension reforms. Lots of people are unhappy about it, God knows. The labor unions, for one...
  3. D

    Alabama's biggest newspapers urge voters to 'reject Roy Moore'

    Alabama's biggest newspapers urge voters to 'reject Roy Moore' - Nov. 19, 2017 by Brian Stelter ==================================================== This could possibly be resolved and perhaps even exonerate Moore in the process rather quickly by his just being deposed and testify...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    MILLENIALS FLOCKING TO LEGACY NEWSPAPERS (you know the "fake, failing" ones)

    Best news I've heard all week. Which of course isn't hard considering the week. But THERE IS HOPE!!! PS Think about it. A kid, grandkid, favorite niece or nephew? Buy them a subscription to one of their favorites sites for Christmas. Young subscribers flock to old media Shunning Trump...
  5. C

    US newspapers unite in disgust at Trump

    with out the newspapers giving Trump's message America will be limited to Foxnews and the wild right wing net, but will that be enough for his supporters.. US newspapers unite in disgust at Donald Trump's attack on Clinton Roy Greenslade His veiled ‘assassination threat’ against...
  6. HayJenn

    6 New Jersey Newspapers Call On Christie To Resign

    This, Christie and his campaign advisers seemed to think for what are not at all clear reasons, was Christie's year. On Feb. 10, Christie dropped his White House bid, acknowledging that it was a futile pursuit. He briefly came home to New Jersey to, many people presumed, serve, govern...
  7. PACE

    Three Texas newspapers endorse Bush over Cruz

    So it's the conservative versus the ideologue; Interesting Texas newspapers endorse Bush over Cruz | TheHill
  8. Southern Dad

    The pot business may be legal, but newspapers can’t run ads for it, the USPS says

    Most newspapers have some mailed subscriptions requiring them to adhere to USPS rules when it comes to what is being advertised. One of those laws is that you cannot accept print advertisement for a product that is illegal. While recreational marijuana is legal in a few states, it is still...
  9. the watchman

    Mitch McConnell Burned By 2 Major Kentucky Newspapers!

    [B]Kentucky’s two biggest newspapers have officially endorsed Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes over incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell. Both papers’ editorial boards are upset with McConnell’s apparent lack of a vision for Kentucky or the country, and they’re angry about how McConnell...
  10. Use Caution

    We have some TURTLE RoadKill, 2 BIG Newspapers In Kentucky switched ride, to do so!

    McConnell Reeling After 2 Biggest Newspapers In Kentucky Endorse Alison Lundergan Grimes. Ouch!!! In strong editorials, the two largest newspapers in Kentucky have both endorsed Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes over Sen. Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Senate election. The Lexington...
  11. The Man

    Russian detainee in Guantanamo demands Russian newspapers, books, TV Russian articles also say he wants access to Russian language TV channels: ??????????? ? ?????????? ????????? ????? ???????? ?????????? ?? (52): ??????.??????? Mingazov, an ethnic Tatar from Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, is a...
  12. R

    Reddit's Science Forum Banned Climate Deniers. Why Don't All Newspapers Do the Same?

    censorship, as in deleting opinions you don't agree with or is it just editing out "troll posts"? -------------------- Nathan Allen Chemist In addition to my career as a PhD chemist, I am one of a select few who enjoy the privilege of moderating content on's science forum. The...
  13. Bluesguy

    Obama wants to take over the newspapers now

    Obama open to newspaper bailout bill "The president said he is "happy to look at" bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as...
  14. C

    Save the Newspapers!

    U.S. bill seeks to rescue faltering newspapers | Politics | Reuters Hmm, what "educational purposes" might these be?
  15. N

    newspapers are going away

    Both of the major newspapers in Philadelphia, just filed for Chapter 11. Philly newspaper owner latest to file Chapter 11 Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles..... Newspapers are going away. Their major source of revenue is advertising, and, things that people used to advertise and buy in...
  16. C

    Free Choice Act? 44 Newspapers Oppose This Union Deception

    Those who have read George Orwell’s chilling novel, 1984, in which slogans like “education is slavery†are part of the brainwashing propaganda of the Ministry of Truth (MINITRUE), would appreciate the even worse deception of Big Labor-the owners and masters of today’s Democrat Party...
  17. K

    As Newspapers Die, Insist on Corrections

    Written by a friend of mine: Tribune Co. Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy -- "Newspapers are doomed, but nobody gets their news from them anyway. Take a look a the national news outlets on TV (CNN, FOXNews, etc). They aren't getting their news from the old stodgy newspapers, they...
  18. S

    Obama Bans Newspapers

    And it continues "The Obama campaign has decided to heave out three newspapers from its plane for the final days of its blitz across battleground states -- and all three endorsed Sen. John McCain for president! The NY POST, WASHINGTON TIMES and DALLAS MORNING NEWS have all been told to move...
  19. R

    Washington Post, Other Newspapers Won't Run 'Opus' Cartoon Mocking Radical Islam

    Stupid cowards........... This pisses ME off. It is ok to mock Christians, Jerry (the blowhard) Falwell, but not poor little Islam, we don't want to offend THEM........ what a crock of shit!!! I am calling that newspaper right now.,2933,294779,00.html A...