1. KnotaFrayed

    If it were this guy doing the shooting last night.........

    Would it be called "evil", would it change anyone's mind about anything? Would the audience, be laughing?
  2. Dr.Knuckles

    Hockey Night in Shanghai

    In a few short hours, the puck will drop in Mercedes Benz Stadium in Shanghai for the first ever NHL game played in China. Your heroic Vancouver Canucks will take on the dastardly, no-good Los Angeles Kings in two pre-season matches, Thursday...
  3. Devil505

    Sparse attendance at Trump's rally last night

    Audience watches Donald Trump speak in Phoenix (screen grab/Twitter) Video of President Donald Trump’s campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night shows that the event failed to draw the blockbuster attendance that he had proclaimed from the podium. As Trump began speaking at his...
  4. R

    colbert - Is there hope, Al Gore?" the late night show asked.

    this is indeed "too" funny. -------------------- "We'be got to go, but the most important question I could ask is I know a lot of young people who are feeling somewhat hopeless about this and they read articles and magazines or see interviews on TV and they hear it is too late. You know, don't...
  5. MaryAnne

    Democrats Start All Night

    Talkathon against the secret health care bill. On CSpan 2.
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Sessions cancels PUBLIC testimony late last night (MADDOW called it!)

    Now he wants to do it behind closed doors. Maddow said severaltimes, Sessions has cancelled testimonies (I believe she said PUBLIC) on several occasions. Didn't mean anything to me. I have no idea what he has cancelled in the past but it was interesting tidbit. She was right! (I didn't see...
  7. bajisima

    Hank Williams Jr. returns to Monday Night Football

    Hank Williams Jr. is bringing his rowdy friends back to “Monday Night Football” six years after ESPN dropped the country singer for his comments about President Barack Obama. ESPN executive Stephanie Druley tells USA Today Network-Tennessee that a new version of Williams’ longtime “MNF” theme...
  8. T

    Trump's SoHo hotel where rooms used to cost $700 a night is cutting rates and laying

    The irony of a Trump named and managed hotel laying off staff would be amusing if not for the folks suffering due to the president's idiocy. Indeed, apparently there is a reduced demand to stay at Trump's hotel in SoHo, so staff is being let go and rates have been cut. So much winning...
  9. Bronwyn

    Sarah Palin: I had a 'great night' at the White House

    "A great night at the White House! Thank you to President Trump for the invite!" Palin wrote on Facebook and Twitter. Ted Nugent and Kid Rock were also present in the photos posted by Palin. Nugent wrote on Facebook that he and his wife, Shemane, dined with Trump at the White House "to...
  10. Singularity

    Dallas sirens hacked, sound through the night, severely jamming up 911 lines

    They don't think this was an Internet-based hack, but someone who physically accessed a control point. That's why they were so difficult to turn off. Eventually the whole system had to be basically unplugged, and is still unplugged while they conduct emergency repairs. If they don't get it...
  11. Friday13

    Late Night White House press briefing
  12. Goofball

    Maddow's explanation for last night' clusterfuck

    Just watching this shit show. 1. She showed the envelop it came in. ****BREAKING*** No return address. Derp! 2. We had tax experts look at this. They found nothing nefarious. BUT WHY????? Were we set up with the only tax return not embarrassing to Trump? You probably should have...
  13. Goofball

    A good read on the Maddow clusterfuck last night.

    How will she ever get back the very little credibility she had before her train wreck last night? The funniest part of this is that MSLSD actually ran a countdown clock all afternoon to her show. Rachel Maddow's Trump taxes scoop was a cynical, self-defeating spectacle.
  14. MaryAnne

    Bernie Went Into Hostile Progressive Territory Last Night

    To show them Trump lies. Won them over with the truth. Shame Bernie and Hillary ran against each other. Bernie Sanders Wins Over Crowd Of Rural Trump Supporters By Exposing The Truth About Trumpcare
  15. KnotaFrayed

    As the reviews of last night continue to roll in......

    Not all are so praising of the President....... Some interesting dynamics in the following, considering who John Schindler is...... "Ex-NSA analyst rips Trump for exploiting ‘trapped’ widow: ‘She didn’t want to stand up — we know why’"...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    I've seen pics of HOSTAGES that looked happier than this top BRASS looked last night!

    You know last night on several occasions the camera panned the group of brass sitting towards the front. If Trump was talking about the military or the lost SEAL, it panned to them. Their expressions ranged from UNCOMFORTABLE to UNHAPPY (a couple of times, I thought, they looked PISSED)...
  17. HayJenn

    Fact Checking The Speech

    And of course he told some pretty big lies - here are a few... President Trump’s maiden address to Congress was notable because it was filled with numerous inaccuracies. In fact, many of the president’s false claims are old favorites that he trots out on a regular, almost daily basis. Here’s...
  18. BAZINGA DrumpF

    BLACK FACE NIGHT at church, godly thing for white folks to do. And KKK Politician!?

    Louisiana politician who donned black face to dress up as Tiger Woods defends his costume saying he was just having a 'good night at church' Robbie Gatti from Bossier City, Louisiana, defended his controversial costume He said his opponents were trying to turn 'a good night at church' into a...
  19. L

    Movie Night at Steve Erkle Household

    Did they really watch thaaatt?
  20. the watchman

    Things got VERY ugly on CNN last night. good. I'm so sick of Trump surrogates on CNN. It's about time someone called one of them out the way they deserve. Kayleigh McEnany has a bad habit of getting in the faces of people who represent the demographic Trump has offended second guessing...