1. Spookycolt

    Colorado's DMV website overwhelmed by non-citizen license requests

    So Colorado has apparently decided to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses now and they crashed the system preventing normal citizens from using the service. Why in the hell are they giving illegals these in the first place? My God, the liberals should just open the border and provide...
  2. jackalope

    Connecticut GOP Blasts Non-Citizen Voting Proposal as 'Publicity Stunt'

    This was on the ballot in Portland a couple years ago. It was defeated. Sorry, I think voting is a right of citizenship, not of residency.
  3. P

    California Should Deport Non-Citizen Felons

    As a part of the plan to fix the $42 billion budget deficit, the California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging the legislature to back his proposed cuts to the three largest areas of the state’s budget - prisons, education, and health care. Much attention was paid to the Governor’s...