1. Friday13

    Growth, Stock market, Optimism, down. The tax cut boost non-existent.

    The "Trumpconomy" beginning to expose its failures... Growth, down. Stock market, down. Optimism, down. The tax cut boost to the economy, non-existent.
  2. T

    Trump Names Supreme Court Candidates for a Nonexistent Vacancy

    Trump has issued a new list of his choices for USSC nominees. For some reason. There are no current vacancies. Why the new list?
  3. T

    Trump slams media for failing to cover nonexistent energy stock boom

    Shocker! Trump tweets something demanding credit for an event that never happened? Part of his delusions of mediocrity? Indeed, as energy stocks have languished int eh time he was elected, Trump still wants credit for their boom. Is this man remotely aware of reality? Trump tweets about...
  4. K

    Cleta Mitchell to Congress: DOJ- IRS Investigation Is a Sham, Non-existent investigat

    BOOM! Tea Party Attorney to Congress: ?DOJ IRS Investigation Is a Sham, Non-Existent? (Video) | The Gateway Pundit The illegal pRESIDENT acts illegally. Let the excuses begin.
  5. Inkslinger

    Liz Cheney accuses Obama of abandoning non-existent country

    Ok, I'm really starting to wonder if the election is purposely rigged for Obama, and for some reason, the GOP is in on it. But why? What's up with the idiocy of the RW (yea, yea... Obama said 57 states a hundred years ago), but I can't really believe they're this stupid... on a daily basis...
  6. Blueneck

    Nonexistent ACORN funding cut off

    Time Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal have both cut off funding to ACORN. Problem is, neither of their states fund ACORN to begin with: