north korea

  1. Blueneck

    Investment in NoKo?

    Trump has offered to lift sanctions, according to this article, but that hasn't happened yet. If and when it does, why on earth would anyone want to invest there? This bothers me. More outsourcing, more jobs going overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. Market for what? They aren't going...
  2. Blueneck

    NK is sitting on 6 trillion in mineral resources

    Hmm. Interesting. North Korea is sitting on $6 trillion in mineral resources | New York Post
  3. Blueneck

    McCain calls Kim Jong Un a "crazy fat kid"

    Now the North Koreans are really pissed off apparently. Kind funny, but we're half a world away so we can afford to laugh and not worry they will make good on their threats. Kim Jong Un threatens McCain for calling him 'crazy fat kid' - NY Daily News
  4. Blueneck

    When Chinese labor just isn't cheap enough

    Now the Chinese are importing laborers from North Korea and paying the government for the privilege. China hires tens of thousands of North Korea guest workers - We should impose trade sanctions on China for this. It's a fucking state run slavery program. :mad:
  5. Blueneck

    North Korea Reportedly Punishing Insincere Mourners

    Good grief. :f_yikes: Hey, North Korea!! You didn't think putting the Dear Leader's stuffed body on display was weird enough so you did this? Congratulations. You've outdone yourself. Coldest...