1. orangecat

    Greetings from the great northwest!

    So many choices and I chose Political Hotwire. I hope we can have good discussions and agree to disagree when things get hot. I don't have tons of time for this, but I'll do my best to be a productive member when I'm here!
  2. M

    Deputy fatally shot at gas station in northwest Harris County

    Deputy ambushed and killed in NW Harris County; Suspect arrested after intense manhunt | Being police in America is becoming more nervous and dangerous duty. A lot of officers have been killed in the line of duty lately. RIP to this deputy and all he other officers that have fallen...
  3. michaelr

    Northwest Trustee Services squeezes more profits from home foreclosures with one-stop

    Northwest Trustee Services squeezes more profits from home foreclosures with one-stop model This is is the following. There is a thread about the new wave of foreclosures, yes Boon I have a thread on that. It depicts 10 million more on the chopping block. 75% of the crash...
  4. michaelr

    Northwest Harvest Event

    Northwest Harvest is holding their annual food drive today, fun for all. The do really great work and have been a vital part of the community for a long time. This year they are not collecting what appears to be a record start, and the citizens of WA are out their doing their best to not only...
  5. A

    The Red River and Northwest Rebellions

    Louis Riel was certainly an interesting guy!
  6. michaelr

    Ice choking Northwest Passage

    Ice choking Northwest Passage Hey you good people on the board, want to do me a favor, either rev up the SUV or toss some logs on the sun, it is getting cold here..... Today 64°F Feels like: 64°F Tomorrow Aug 08 Hi: 68° Lo: 56° Sunday Aug 09 Hi: 74° Lo: 56° Monday Aug 10...
  7. D

    Northwest Passage - no ice.

    Arctic icebreaker does Northwest Passage - and is stunned by lack of ice. F'n liberal fishermen. Lack of ice in Northwest Passage stuns researchers