1. Vortex

    Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, "Prince of Darkness" died Tuesday

    My condolences to his family and loved ones. Brain cancer is an awful way to go, his suffering has ended. I hope he made peace before he left but I don't think he did. Lord knows how many suffered far worse at the hands of our enemies when he publicized the identity of Plame, when he let...
  2. B

    Bob Novak attemps vehicular homicide

    And fails. What a dick.
  3. 2

    So what about Novak

    Plame has gotten a lot of discussion so what about Robert Novak? Whether Plame was active or not the repercussions to contacts and just ordinary acquaintances could have been severe. Was Novak justified in outing Plame or is he just a weasel?
  4. H

    Robert Novak: U.S. not interested in Hamas peace calls

    Robert Novak: U.S. not interested in Hamas peace calls By ROBERT D. NOVAK Syndicated columnist WASHINGTON - On April 7, ending a seven-day visit to Israel, I finally got an interview I had sought for a year. I sat down in a Palestinian National Authority office in Ramallah with a leader of...