1. RNG

    I thought N Korea was no longer a nuke threat

    I guess the Ol' 45 changed his mind.
  2. Darkman

    Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal

    Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal -- Iran should turned into a fucking parking lot.
  3. Goofball

    The short and ugly history of the Iran Nuke deal.

    This guy nails it! Barry Hussein sold America out with this clusterfuck deal. The Short And Ugly History Of The Disastrous Iran Deal
  4. cpicturetaker12

    Trump doubles down on IRAN NUKE LIE 18 days after POMPEO says they are in compliance!

    Jesusf'gchrist! Andrea Mitchell is an old pro--she wouldn't call someone a LIAR if a gun was put to her head on live TV. She, like old school journalists, do not like to look surprised or shocked on air. JUST 18 DAYS AGO Pompeo said Iran was in compliance. Netanyahu throws red meat out...
  5. The Man

    Nuke scientists arrested for crypto-mining

    Russian nuclear scientists attempted to use a supercomputer at work to mine Bitcoins. But we're caught when tried to connect it to external internet lol Russian nuclear scientists arrested for 'Bitcoin mining plot' - BBC News Sarov is indeed a Special Closed Zone, one of a number of such...
  6. the watchman

    trump just threatened to nuke north korea

    pretty sure, I'm not the only one who just saw this being reported. Please merge if there are dupe threads Mods. Can't find any link yet. But, Trump just tweeted out a threat to nuke North Korea. It was in response to a report he apparently got that Kim Jun Un commented about having the nuclear...
  7. T

    Top general says he would resist "illegal" nuke order from Trump

    Well, that is what he is supposed to do. Certainly he is under no obligation to follow an order believed to be illegal. But how will the president react to this general saying as much publicly? Certainly the president is incapable of restraint on many things, including diplomacy and not acting...
  8. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.

    I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2. I enjoyed a good chuckle the other day when a friend of mine, with a Southern drawl spoke to me. Thars gonna be some nuken on this cheer earth. King of the terrorist Trump gonna see to thatun thare chore. He be itching for a fight don’tcha know. He gonna tell...
  9. excalibur

    China Threatens DPRK Nuke Facilities

    A little noticed story, and whether anyone should believe the Chinese would do this, a very interesting message. China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line" China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses...
  10. The Man

    Trump "denounced" Obama's nuke treaty...

    ...while on the phone with Putin: Exclusive: In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty - sources | Reuters lol
  11. bajisima

    GOP could nuke filibuster for Supreme Court nominees

    Top Senate Republicans are drawing a hard line on the Supreme Court, guaranteeing that no matter what tactics Democrats deploy, they will be forced to swallow Donald Trump’s imminent nominee to the high court. Republicans won’t come out and say it, but there’s an implicit threat in their...
  12. PopeADope

    I hope the first nuke he drops lands on my head!

    Do you think Trump will start World War 3?
  13. Crusher

    Secret document lifts Iran nuke constraints

    VIENNA (AP) -- A document obtained by The Associated Press shows that key restrictions on Iran's nuclear program will ease in slightly more than a decade, halving the time Tehran would need to build a bomb. The document is the only secret text linked to last year's agreement between Iran and...
  14. The Man

    Russian nuke arsenal grows, while America's shrinks

    Russia Increases Nuclear Warheads While U.S. Decreases Its Arsenal | News | The Moscow Times I think simply assuming Russia will follow some treaty... is a mistake, frankly. Remember, there was also an official agreement and treaty that Russia wouldn't violate Ukraine's territorial integrity...
  15. BAZINGA DrumpF

    WHAT THE HELL?? Mein DrumpFrer! Actually Say He Might Nuke ISIS? WOW! BOOM!

    Yesterday, Donald Trump sat down with the Washington Post editorial board for a long (or surreal as it turned out) discussion on a range of subjects. One of the most interesting ones was this: RYAN: You [MUFFLED] mentioned a few minutes earlier here that you would knock ISIS. You’ve mentioned...
  16. Goofball

    Iran submits own samples from nuke site to IAEA, per Obama's joke of a deal.

    I don't see how anyone can defend this joke of a deal with a straight face. Iran took samples for IAEA at suspect military site
  17. L

    Sarah Palin says Obama sees nuke deal from 'world full of sprinkly fairy dust blown

    Sarah Palin blasted President Obama for living in a fantasy world on the controversial Iran deal, while saying a President Donald Trump could bring Republicans and Democrats together. 'Only in an Orwellian Obama world full of sprinkle fairy dust blown from atop a unicorn as he's peeking...
  18. Goofball

    12 Times the Obama administration caved on Iran nuke deal

    Lots of tough talk before Obama and Lurch got fleeced by Iran.
  19. excalibur

    Nuke Inspectors Require Approval Of Iran's Intelligence Agency

    All Nuke Inspectors Require Approval From Iran's Intelligence Agency | Washington Free Beacon
  20. Devil505

    Iran nuke deal is unimportant.

    I'm inclined to go along with most European nations and sign the deal with Iran as our best option today. BUT Regardless of whether that deal survives or fails, my faith in Israel's intelligence and military makes me quite comfortable that Iran will never have nukes to concern us or their...