1. cpicturetaker12

    UNDER OATH Jerry Jones, Trump said the anthem thing is a winning, strong issue for ME

    JESUS, this is one sick motherfker! Everything is win or lose and everyone and everything is a PAWN with TRUMP, the flag and the anthem are NO EXCEPTION. So where's this case going? Just among the NFL owners or is there different track of 'collusion' or even BLACKMAIL by Trump using the...
  2. Goofball

    DNI James Clapper lied under oath about fake Dossier.

    More corruption from the Obama regime. THE most corrupt administration in history. House Intel: Clapper Talked Dossier CNN | The Daily Caller
  3. L

    Oath terms of service

    Wow, why would anyone agree to let a third party examine and analyze every piece of personal information you have? https://www.oath.com/our-brands/
  4. the watchman

    in two weeks Trump says he'll interview with Mueller under oath

    that's what's being reported. Of course, Trump says he's looking forward to it. Which we all know is hogwash. No one looks forward to interviewing with the FBI under oath. I'll try to find a link. So far, no joy. *edit* found one...
  5. DemoWhip

    Republican senator asks Trump if he's 'recanting oath' over war with press

    Republican senator asks Trump if he's 'recanting oath' over war with press - ABC News ​By MARK OSBORNE ==================================================== Trump just keeps showing that he's on the losing end of things when he pulls stunts like this. Now, he has Republicans after him...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    "Counselor are you saying the PRES will be under oath over Russia?" "Yes" says STARR

    Ex-Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr: Mueller will have Trump under oath before Russia probe ends TOM BOGGIONI 29 SEP 2017 AT 10:12 ET Ken Starr on MSNBC -- screengrab DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY! Appearing with MSNBC, former Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr said that President Donald...
  7. T

    Trump Says He'd Testify Under Oath About Comey

    What a clown. I understand the man need sot make bold statements to make himself feel adequate, but would he really testify under oath about Comey? To me, he sounds exactly like man who got caught in a lie, the first to say "it's your word against mine", in which one think they are on equally...
  8. the watchman

    Trump: I'm '100 percent' willing to testify under oath

    President Trump said Friday he is "100 percent" willing to testify under oath about his interactions with James Comey in order to dispute the fired FBI director’s claims. “One hundred percent,” Trump said when asked if he would give a sworn statement to Robert Mueller, the special counsel...
  9. TennesseeRain

    Paul Manafort Offers To Testify Under Oath On Russia, House Intel Chair Says

    President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager has offered to testify before Congress amid unsettling new reports about his ties to Russia, according to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the House Intelligence Committee chairman. Paul Manafort, who stepped down as Trump’s campaign chair in...
  10. the watchman

    Donald Trump Must Give Testimony Under Oath In Restaurant Suit, Judge Rules.

    District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro ruled on Wednesday that Trump must testify in New York about Andres’ restaurant deal at Trump’s luxury Washington hotel. The deposition can last up to seven hours and will take place in the first week of January. His lawyers had sought...
  11. excalibur

    Hillary Compelled to Testify on her Oath

    Interrogatories are done under oath, and Hillary has been ordered to answer interrogatories. Judicial Watch: Federal Court Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer Questions under Oath in Email Scandal - Judicial Watch
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Judge refuses to make HILLARY testify under oath for ANOTHER RW witch hunt!

    Oh shit! Another opportunity to grill the 'BITCH' in front a RW entity. You know this many be a godsend. Every time they do it, she ends up with her numbers going up. This will be a Q&A behind closed doors. Judge says there's enough SHIT out there on the subject. They can use that...
  13. ptif219

    Breaking: FBI to Investigate Clinton for Lying Under Oath to Congress About Email Ser

    It seems Hillary will be dealing with this email thing for a long time. It is not over as Hillary and democrats want it to be Breaking: FBI to Investigate Clinton for Lying Under Oath
  14. Goofball

    Hillary not put under oath for FBI interview. Interview not even recorded.

    Can anyone say Kangaroo Court? Oh, and before the board libnuts whine and cry about the source, it contains video of Comey's testimony today. Comey: Hillary's FBI Testimony Wasn't Under Oath Or Recorded, But It Would Still Be a Crime To Lie - Breitbart
  15. ptif219

    Obama Invites 18.7 Million Immigrants to Avoid Oath of Allegiance,

    This may not be illegal but it is wrong and shows how Obama hates this country Obama Invites 18.7 Million Immigrants to Avoid Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America - Breitbart
  16. excalibur

    In the Real World - Hillary's Staff Questioned Under Oath

    A taste of what Judge Sullivan had to say in ordering the interrogatories: Full Transcript of the Hearing
  17. BDBoop

    The Oath Keeper Who Wants to Arm Black Lives Matter

    The Oath Keeper Who Wants to Arm Black Lives Matter | Rolling Stone I'm actually kind of surprised he was surprised. Of course black men can't wander around carrying rifles. Phfft. Fascinating read, you're going to want to set aside some time.
  18. BoiseBo

    Oath Keepers starting school chapters so students won't submit to own murders

    Guess they'll be voting for Dr. Ben? :~) The armed anti-government group Oath Keepers unveiled its strategy to prevent school shootings last week, announcing its intention to form college — and eventually high school — chapters, which the group will use to train students to “stop submitting and...
  19. PACE

    Grahamn's and other SC lawmakers hypocratic oath

    Grahamn is petitioning for federal funding for Hurricane relief for SC; as a survivor of Sandy, I say give it to them. BUT, it brings up another issue Graham opposed Sandy aid but wants South Carolina help - CNNPolitics.com So Grahamn, Gowdy, all of the Republican congress and senate...