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    Bye Bye Obamaconomy, Hello Trumpconomy!

    The Trumpconomy is rolling. Strong job growth, 26% higher than expected and the economy is growing at more than twice the rate of the pitiful 2016 Obamaconomy rate of 1.6%! https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/u...--finance.html WASHINGTON (AP) — Latest forecast: 3.4 percent...
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    Obamaconomy Growth Shrinks to 1.6% for 2016

    Officially cementing Barack Obama as having the worst economic performance of any POTUS in modern history, much worse than even GWB. Luckily we have Donald J Trump on the job to turn things around, happy days are coming our way...
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    Obamaconomy Teetering on Recession

    1st quarter GDP growth lowered to 0.8% growth and second quarter is only 1.2%. Since Hillary has hitched her wagon to Obama and promises to be the third term, this bad economic news makes one question that strategy. News Release: Gross Domestic Product