1. mrmike

    Life in the ObamaNation: Targeting Cops?

    Seems the "anti-police" sentiment pimped by some folks has given the impression that there's a free pass to target cops or at least use that as an excuse for crimes. Man claimed he rammed St. Louis police car 'for the black people,' charges say ST. LOUIS • A Bellefontaine Neighbors man was...
  2. K

    What three "Transformations" would you reverse in the 2016+ Post Obama-Nation?

    Very simple concept. Obama and crew have aggressively pursued a campaign of an Ethnocentric Socialist "Transformation" of America. Soon, the "Chickens will come home to Roost" for the Democratic Party. Perhaps not enough in 2014 to begin to reverse things, but most likely enough to...
  3. B

    Obamanation = ABOMINATION

    WARNING: The following COULD happen,[[spam deleted]] Say NO to Obama. God Bless.
  4. D

    Alan Keyes Rips Obamanation

    Alan Keyes Rips Obamanation RWdCNodGrA8 A most excellent commentary, and good to see some people aren't going to sit back and let Obongo sweep under the rug the critical issue of his Constitutional ineligibility to be president. As Keyes says, if Obongo is not stopped, America will cease to...
  5. D

    Ron Paul on the Obamanation

    YouTube - Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show" Prepare!!"1/2 YouTube - Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show" Prepare!!"2/2 uqN2EKuXX2g uo29Oa-e61I
  6. M


    Lets do this: Why do you like Obama, and why do you think he would make a good president? Why do you dislike Obama and why do you think he'd make a bad president?