1. KnotaFrayed

    Interersting observations, considering the current POTUS....and the times in general

    In my lifetime, I do not remember the Supreme Court being considered to be so partisan, especially openly in public discourse and most especially regarding those who the Constitution points to as the selector of the nominees. It's not a one political side thing, but considering the make up of...
  2. Red Eft

    Satellite Observations Show El Nino Coming — And It Could Be The Worst In Decades

    Data from ocean-observing satellites and other ocean sensors indicate that El Niño conditions appear to be developing in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Conditions in May 2014 bear some similarities to those of May 1997, a year that brought one of the most potent El Niño events of the 20th...
  3. Cotton2226

    Observations on Democrats, Republicans, economy, jobs, etc.

    Companies no longer need salesmen.. for the most part. They order over the internet. Just like in my neighborhood we use to have 4 guys picking up the garbage...now it done with 2 guys because of technology. This younger crowd will be okay. They start kids on computers in the first grade...
  4. D

    Interesting Observations Regarding the Clinton Campaign

    Other day on FoxNews, one of their regular commentators commented on the organizational strengths of the Clinton and Obama campaigns. They said that "it is almost as if Hillary Clinton never planned her campaign to go beyond Super Tuesday". I thought that was some very good insight...
  5. L

    Observations on health care from Canada

    Yes this belongs in the US thread. This is how some Canadiens see the problems with their health care system. Do we want to embrace their problems to alleviate our own? Or do we want to bypass their problems and aim for the right goal from the start?
  6. T

    Some observations:

    As some of yall may know, I have a hypothesis going that you can understand someones views on the world if you understand their creation myth. WEll, i'm going to take that a step further, and just do some ramblings on certain things that go on today. --- The absic premise of my assumption is...