1. Devil505

    Opinion: Anyone who claims that mental health issue cause mass shootings is a fool.

    An insane person without a mass murder device is not much of a threat to anyone but himself and people close to him. Give that nut an AR-15 and hiccap mags and we have today's GOP/NRA America.
  2. Kallie Knoetze

    Opinion: Dead cat bounce or buying opportunity....

    Me personally, dead cat bounce. I'm waiting until March and things start settling out to buy back in.
  3. Amelia

    Has your opinion of Trump changed in the past six months?

    Has your opinion of Trump changed in the past six months? I thought Trump was mostly just a jerk. A carnival barker and a jerk. Someone who bragged about sexual assault and who shamelessly enabled xenophobes such as Ann Coulter -- neither of which were forgivable but which I thought were just...
  4. GordonGecko

    Just a quick Opinion Poll question...to clear up where everybody stands-

    Do you believe a chemical weapons attack was made against civilians in the Syrian town of Idlib by the Syrian Government and/or Russians? Yes or No.
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Interesting.....Journalism versus opinion......

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx4B9_9HuI Fairness Doctrine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairness_Doctrine As with so many things, abused by human beings for personal and political profit, societies at some point recognize a need to rein in, what becomes out of control, because of...
  6. ptif219

    OPINION How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

    Obama continues to show he hates this country and that he is a gutter politician that wants to divide this country anyway he can How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump?s presidency | New York Post
  7. Amelia

    Does Trump care about world opinion?

    Does he care that the world thinks he's crazy and/or evil? Being in the public eye and getting negative feedback is not a new thing for him. So if he cared much, you'd think he would have changed earlier. It's quite a puzzle. He's so thin-skinned and seems to need people to approve...
  8. Wrangler

    Your opinion is needed

    Is Hillary the most corrupt politician running for president?.
  9. Chief

    Obama "We are to blame" comment NY Times Opinion Piece

    Obama: ?We? are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre | New York Post I agree with the opinion piece. I don't often bitch about Obama, but I think he chose his words very poorly. I think he also played politics with this, and used the deaths of all of those citizens to forward...
  10. Dittohead not!

    Fake stuff broadcast on social media to sway political opinion

    There's a lot of nonsense going around. I don't like to make political comments on Facebook, so I'll put them here. Feel free to add you own. This one takes the cake. It's actually the result of a photoshop contest. It's not real.
  11. BYG Jacob

    Opinion: Hillary demonstrates weakness with refusal to debate Sanders

    https://www.rawstory.com/2016/03/hillary-demonstrates-her-weakness-by-not-committing-to-ny-debate-with-sanders/ I mean, I sort of agree. Refusing to debate Bernie because of his tone isn't a good look, but I wouldn't say it makes her look weak/
  12. meridian5455

    PC strikes again: Professor suspended for his opinion on free speech

    Marquette University professor John McAdams has been suspended from his position. His crime? Writing on a post on his personal blog that criticized the actions of another professor, who had instructed her students not to voice their opinions if they were anti-gay marriage or anti-gay adoption...
  13. meridian5455

    Mike Rowe shares his opinion on background checks with Obama

    Rowe writes that although he’s not opposed to background checks, he’s “skeptical that expanding a broken system is the best way to keep guns away from bad guys and lunatics.” More importantly, he tells President Obama that “from what I can tell, the NRA is not the reason that so many criminals...
  14. Locomotive

    Your opinion: Will we have a President Sanders?

    There seems to be a lot of speculation on this. Where do you stand?
  15. Isalexi

    Fact or opinion

    On a religious thread someone got all upset because the teacher made kids think about religion as a fact or belief.In my workshops I list sentences for discussions and they are all opinions but yet some people insist they are facts? Do any of you think that any of these are facts? We all have...
  16. J

    I need to know your opinion!

    Have you heard something about Black Lion Agent? He is actively discussed in privy in these latter days...
  17. Devil505

    Carly Fiorina, the deadbeat presidential candidate

    How Carly Fiorina Screwed Her Campaign Staff—and Paid ... www.thedailybeast.com/.../how-carly-fiorina-screwed-he... The Daily Beast Sep 25, 2015 - How Carly Fiorina Screwed Her Campaign Staff—and PaidHerself First .... “He really didn't understand the business and at times he said ...
  18. J

    What is your opinion are Americans fat?

    There is a world-wide stereotype that many Americans are fat. Is it actually so in comparison with other nation? One idea of mine: Poorer people have to buy cheaper food. Cheap food tends to be more fattening and unhealthy than more expensive alternatives. The cheap food is the bad food. It's...
  19. C

    Trump goes up against an avocado in an opinion poll

    how would you have voted.. Trump or an Avocado ????? Donald Trump goes up against an avocado in an opinion poll, loses He may be second behind only Jeb Bush in approval ratings for early decision states in the Republican presidential nomination race, but things look a whole lot different...
  20. Babba

    World Public Opinion of Obama

    It's funny, righties are always telling us how the rest of the world doesn't respect us and how we're a laughing stock because of Obama. When in reality, it's the right wing of this country that the rest of the world laughs at and disrespects. The Rest of the World Is Pretty Happy With...