1. Ian Jeffrey

    Opinions on Censorship

    We have had complaints about censorship by private fora (e.g., Facebook), and by the government (e.g., Trump wanting the power to shut down media). Here is an opportunity for us to see how PH really falls on these questions. My position is that private venues can do as they like ... FB can...
  2. Southern Dad

    Opinions vary on actions of Las Vegas police officers during gun battle

    On July 11, 2018 it appears that an individual wanted to hold court in the streets. The police officer's body cam captured it all. Nunez attempted to enter a school, fortunately it was locked. One officer involved fired 31 shots, many of them from his moving vehicle. The other officer fired...
  3. Frecks1710

    Interesting Article I just received. Opinions??

    Amazing how the media is so one sided and yet everyone believes what they read. cid:ECF60DAAFB5346A0B510C346D136DEC4@AlHP2 This is Edward “Ed” Mezvinsky, born January 17, 1937. You’ll probably say (as I did), “Who the hell is Ed Mezvinsky?” He is a former US Democrat congressman who...
  4. SunsetRose

    Opinions on Fire and Fury

    Has anyone here read the new book about President Trump? What did you think of it? Is Micheal Wolff a good writer? Is it worth buying or should I just wait for it to come to my local library?
  5. CEngelbrecht

    Danish FM: Trump changes opinions like underwear

    Danish FM: Trump changes opinions like underwear - The Local
  6. Detective Mike Logan

    Opinions on giorgio tsoukalos (ANCIENT ALIENS)??

    i'm sure a lot of you know this guy if not by name by face. I've gotta be honest every now and again this is a guilty pleasure programme of mine. I know hes not everyones cuppa tea and can see how he offends a lot of people on an intellectual level but I find him bl**dy hilarious. seriously...
  7. T

    A Global System - Express Your Opinions

    Thread deleted.
  8. Sassy

    Opinions are shifting re: Sterling

    Many people are raising the question of whether we all have to fear everything we say, that we believe is private, might be recorded and our livelihood taken as a result. Had he said it publicly, we could just go on feeling wonderful at the universal condemnation and the end result, but since...
  9. S

    Do people online represent the opinions of people in the real world ?

    Most people I see online are very radical with their political views. Is it the same in the real world ?
  10. The Man

    Floods and guns, your opinions?

    RCMP seizure of flood evacuees' guns generates heated debate - including from Ottawa Should the cops have taken those guns from the flooded homes?
  11. C

    Thought, or opinions?

    I don't think I've ever posted a picture as an OP, and just let it stand on its own, but when I saw this, this morning, all I could think was "wow". I'm curious: what are your thoughts, or reactions, as you read this? Especially in light of the fact that the House, again, chose to delay...
  12. Allenph

    Micro-nationalism and the U.S.

    Now this is the part where I probably lose a bunch of respect from members of both parties. I am starting a micro-republic called The Independent Republic of Ursum. I am curious to hear you thoughts not just on the concept, but on our constitution, and reactions from neighboring countries namely...
  13. M

    Any opinions on Ms. Hirona's disrepectful comment during Hawaii Senate Debate?

    In the Mazie Hirona and Linda Lingle debate in Hawaii last week, Ms. Hirona seemed to me to be disparaging of Ms. Lingle's involvement as the Co-Chair of the Jewish Americans for Mitt Romney. Linda Lingle responded forthrightly that she was proud of that appointment. Did anyone else interpret...
  14. B

    Opinions on Jill Stein?

    Just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Jill Stein for President Full Text of State of the Union Address: A Green New Deal for America Do you think it's pointless to focus on anyone running for president other than Obama or Romney?
  15. M

    Ghastly Outdated Party: Republican Moderates Give Their Opinions

    Maureen Dowd, in an Opinion Pages piece, analyzes the opinions of many moderate Republicans and conservatives on the direction that the party has been going in recent days, and feels that it is a path toward defeat...
  16. Atlantis

    I came here to relax and share opinions about the issues of the day.

    Last night on The Ed Show the issue was a rumored statement by the Mayor of Chicago to the head of the Chicago teacher's union. The Mayor has neither confirmed nor denied the statement. "25% of the teens in our schools are going to end up in jail, why should we throw good money after bad."...
  17. B

    A tale of two opinions...

    On the same day that Gingrich lit into debate moderator Jon King over the ex-wife question, PPP published a poll from TX showing Obama losing to both Romney and Paul by 7 points (he lost by more than 11 points to McCain in 2008), but beating Gingrich. Here a screenshot from the Hedgehogreport...
  18. jackalope

    FEC Drafts Opinions for Guyana-Born Man About Presidential Run

    Okay, this seems pretty dumb to me. If he wasn't born in the US, isn't it fairly clear that he doesn't meet the qualifications for the office? And if not, why would the FEC allow him to raise funds as a candidate for that office?
  19. Spooky

    Inconsistent Philosophical Opinions

    Now I guess my opinion on abortion may seem inconsistent to some. I am opposed to abortion and I am pro-choice. Is anyone else like that, are you able to understand why I feel this way? The position on abortion I do not understand is that of the fundamentalist right to life christian...
  20. S

    Political Opinions

    Please, share your thoughts on these topics: 1. Should the government should prohibit gun ownership by private citizens? 2. Should Marijuana should be legalized? 3. Should the death penalty be abolition? 4. Should the government control, regulate, and ban video games, including...