1. PACE

    Chris Kennedy, in Illinois gov race tells idiot opponent to go f=ck yourself

    in so many words https://wonkette.com/628360/republican-lady-explains-good-fathers-stop-gun-crime-rfks-son-chris-kennedy-says-go-fuck-yourself Or if you like,,,, http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-met-ives-kennedy-chicago-gun-violence-20180115-story.html
  2. PACE

    Maxine Water's opponent tweets fake letter that states she wants refugees to move to

    her district, one problem, he used official congressional letterhead... He's fucked Rep. Maxine Waters asks Justice Department to investigate fake letter tweeted by Republican opponent - LA Times
  3. D

    Roy Moore’s campaign bus includes a typo & his opponent has seized on it beautifully

    Don't those people ever check what they print or say? Apparently not. Now, it's to the opponent's advantage that the typo went unnoticed. ---------------------------------------- Roy Moore’s campaign bus includes a typo & his opponent has seized on it beautifully By Jeff Taylor...
  4. PACE

    GOP contender in Virginia calls his opponent "a race traitor" for supporting removal

    of statues: Virginia GOP Calls Democratic Candidate a Race Traitor for Wanting Confederate Statues Removed - The Daily Beast Guess that's okay with you guys right?
  5. HayJenn

    Trump invites sheriff to 'destroy' An Opponent

    A Texas state lawmaker who opposes asset forfeiture. President Donald Trump invited the sheriff of a small Texas County to “destroy” the career of a state senator who sought to ban a controversial law enforcement practice by naming the lawmaker during a White House meeting. At a listening...
  6. GordonGecko

    Donald Trump still hammering away at his opponent....

    Paul Ryan. :) Trump Suggests Paul Ryan Wants Him to Lose | RedState This is just one of SEVERAL Twitter Trumper-tantrums that Cheeto-lini is throwing against....the REPUBLICAN Speaker of the U.S. House. Naturally, it's part of his end of the road "Blame Everybody But Myself For Me...
  7. Wonderer

    No, My Vote For A 3rd Party Candidate Is NOT A Vote For Your Opponent

    No, My Vote For A 3rd Party Candidate Is NOT A Vote For Your Opponent RedState Posted at 2:00 pm on September 28, 2016 by Brandon Morse <Excerpt>: Tell people you're voting for Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin, or Jill Stein. Eventually, and shortly, you will receive the response that what...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    IND oil exec (& strong animal rights opponent) top spot for Trump INTERIOR SECRETARY

    Anyone with half a brain and a modicum of understanding of what INTERIOR does will get this. Hell, Trump might be able to pull off what CHENEY/BUSH couldn't. Trump says he want's a much more 'business friendly' cabinet. Forrest Lucas’ nomination would be a coup for the oil and gas industry...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Zika baby? Tough, "carry it anyway Rubio" STRUGGLING against DEM opponent....

    I didn't know until this weekend how tight the race for the US Senate seat in Florida was. I honestly thought Rubio would walk away with it. They are neck and neck. But Patrick Murphy is just now getting known around the state. Nice kid, I've met him on several occasions. Though not the...
  10. PACE

    Paul Ryan's opponent wants to deport all Muslims from the US

    Ryan challenger seeks debate on deporting all Muslims | La Crosse ? WKBT News8000.com Yeah,,, he's gonna win, Trump could have taken the easy road, instead, he endorses the opposition who is nuttier than squirrel shit. Regards Pace
  11. GordonGecko

    Trump asks GOP Congress for help in Khan fight, while supporting Paul Ryan's opponent

    This is how dis-organized and just plain NUTS the Trump campaign is.... first, they ask Republicans on Capitol Hill to back him in the Khan controversey- Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill to back him in Khan controversy | Reuters While Trump Tweets support for Paul Ryan's primary...
  12. bajisima

    Bernie Sanders is backing Wasserman Schultz's opponent in the primary

    "Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday said he supports Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Democratic opponent in her August 30 primary, adding that if he is elected president, he would effectively terminate her chairmanship of the DNC. Sanders, whose campaign...
  13. Devil505

    CNN amazed that people are switching primary enrollment to vote in opponent's primary

    They have interviewed self-described life-long Dems voting for Trump in GOP primaries and self-described life-long Repubs voting for Sanders in Dem primaries. DUH!!! Both parties want to face the weakest opponent next November and both Trump and Sander's primary numbers will bear little...
  14. The Man

    Putin gets rid of another opponent

    Well known environmental activist Yevgenia Chirikova has fled Russia, moved to Estonia, along with her family. She cites continued and often violent suppression of opposition in Russia and concern for her children's safety. She also said they chose Estonia because it is a free and democratic...
  15. angryamerican

    GOP candidate claims his opponent is a body double, says real Congressman died 3 yrs

    No you can't make this up. Oklahoma Republican claims congressional opponent is dead, replaced with body double | KFOR.com OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma congressional candidate has announced he plans to contest Tuesday’s primary election of long time Rep. Frank Lucas. In a bizarre letter...
  16. TennesseeRain

    GOP Candidate Accuses Opponent of Being Dead

    GOP Candidate Charges Opponent Is Dead, Represented By A Body Double WASHINGTON -- Political opponents accuse each other of lying all the time, but one Oklahoma congressional candidate took his accusation to a new level this week when he claimed his opponent was actually dead and being...
  17. Toldyaso

    Obama's Keystone XL "Delay": XL Opponent Tom Steyer Has Pledged $100 Million to Dems

    After his OWN State Dept. has TWICE stated that the Keystone XL pipeline would NOT be harmful to the environment, Pres.Obama, in the midst of the continued Jobless Malaise that is the American economy, continues to BLOCK the building of the Keystone XL pipeline. Why? The experienced liars of...
  18. Tedminator

    Republicans blast opponent for World of Warcraft play

    Maine Republicans blast opponent for World of Warcraft play - Yahoo! News LITTLETON, New Hampshire (Reuters) - A Maine Senate race has turned into a fight over trolls, dwarves and goblin-like creatures known as orcs. In a mailing this week, state Republicans accused Democrat Colleen Lachowicz of...
  19. Divine Wind

    Allen West uses opponent's mugshot in campaign

    Looks legit to me. It is what is is. Voters, including West, have every right to question the track, or prison record, of an election candidate. Tea Party fave features rival's mugshot in ad
  20. C

    Romney's greatest opponent is...well...Romney!

    "Befitting a Republican who sought statewide office in navy-blue Massachusetts, Mitt Romney spent most of his political life, in the words of The New Yorker’s Louis Menand, as “a liberal Republican cryogenically preserved from the pre-Reagan era.” Back in Massachusetts, Romney believed that...