1. HayJenn

    PR Gov. Organizing Latinos To Vote against GOP in 2018

    Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Thursday he will seek to mobilize Latino voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, citing the GOP's tax overhaul passed this week.Rosselló, a Democrat and member of the island's New Progressive Party, argued on MSNBC that the Republican tax plan hurts...
  2. D

    Town halls showcase organizing on the left and concerns in both parties

    And thus starts the downfall of the Republican Party in 2018 and especially 2020. Americans from all over are very angry and upset at what the GOP is doing and the non-answers they are getting. They will not forget that in the next election. But Republicans have no one to blame but themselves...
  3. meridian5455

    Obama hints at return to community organizing after leaving office

    President Obama on Thursday dropped some hints about what he’ll do after his time in office, saying he could return to his roots as a community organizer. Speaking to a group of schoolchildren at the Anacostia Library in Washington, D.C., Obama said he would like to focus on expanding education...
  4. C

    Democrat Organizing Obama Birth Certificate March on Washington May 29th

    This could be real interesting. A March with everyone bringing their birth certificates to send a message to Obama to show his ammended long form certificate to prove his eligibility. This should get the media talking. Who's coming to show their patriotism in wanting the constitutions Article 2...
  5. nonsqtr

    Against Corporations Organizing to Rip Off the Nation
  6. T

    Unions vs. Security - Organizing airport screeners like postal workers.

    Unions vs. Security Organizing airport screeners like postal workers. Tuesday, March 6, 2007 12:01 a.m. EST It's getting to be a full-time job keeping track of the favors that Democrats in Congress are doing for Big Labor. The latest two episodes are especially notable because they'd...