1. cpicturetaker12

    How the (original) "St. Valentines Massacre" changed GUN LAWS . (Why not now?)

    You know, I had completely forgotten that GUN LAWS WERE CHANGED after the first St. Valentines MASSACRE. 90 years later, I guess it's time to mark this FEB 14 violent event to get people to get off their asses!! Or DO KIDS have less rights than MOBSTERS? (I wonder how many AMERICANS were...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    MUELLER gets Trump's original letter firing Comey, WH ATTY wouldn't let it be sent!

    Trump apparently wrote it with his SPEECH WRITER (O.M.G.!!!) and his daughter and son in law. Now there's a team that can put together a letter firing the DIR of the FBI. He has repeatedly blamed Rosenstein (he gave him political cover). Rosenstein is said to be apoplectic still! The letter...
  3. bajisima

    "People's Court" original Judge Wapner, dead at 97

    Retired Los Angeles Judge Joseph Wapner presided over The People's Court from 1981 to 1993 — deciding real, small-claims cases. The judge's son, David Wapner, told The Associated Press that his father died at home in his sleep after being hospitalized a week ago with breathing problems. He...
  4. TNVolunteer73

    I found the original Birther. Shocking

    Barak H. Obama is the original birther, in his biography said he was Kenyan Born this was in 1991.. (now someone find an earlier link to where someone said he was Kenyan born). Obama's Literary Agent Said He Was Born in Kenya? : snopes.com
  5. bajisima

    Origins of the birther movement

    POLITICO decided to set the record straight for anyone that doesn't know the history. No, Clinton didn't start the birther thing. This guy did. - POLITICO
  6. Constitutional Sheepdog

    Executive Order 13526- Original Classification Authority

    Clinton knew exactly what she was doing Pursuant to the provisions of section 1.3 of the Executive Order issued today, entitled "Classified National Security Information" (Executive Order), I hereby designate the following officials to classify information originally as "Top Secret" or...
  7. Goofball

    Q2 GDP revised down from original dismal 1.2%.

    The bad gets worse for the Obama economy. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/u-second-quarter-growth-trimmed-1-1-percent-123519369--business.html
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Another REALITY STAR in the Trump family. See Trump's ORIGINAL wife ('all' of her)..

    I was looking up info on the youngest Trump kid. She just graduated from UofPenn. Did NOT see her dad for a fairly long period of time. She was on the west coast with Trumps 2nd wife. (According to the article, the kid wouldn't give her dad her phone #). So another click over, a kind of...
  9. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Eden. Original Sin or Original Virtue?

    Eden. Original Sin or Original Virtue? --------- The Original Meaning Of Original Sin « The Dish “Judaism preaches the Rise of man: and instead of Original Sin, it stresses Original Virtue, the beneficent hereditary influence of righteous ancestors upon their descendants’.” ---------...
  10. M

    Original GOAT near death?

    Mohammed Ali, the original Greatest of all Time may be near death. Placed on life support and family members at his bedside. He has been battling Parkinsons for many years. I have a friend, late 70's, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons 16 years ago and recently was placed in a nursing...
  11. Dr.Knuckles

    Why does Netflix make original programming?

    There's tonnes (like the spelling, Leo2?) of original programming on Netflix, now. Why? It costs millions to make and I can't see how they can make a single penny off it. My subscription is not one penny more. They would make exactly the same revenue if they didn't spend that money. What...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    NH MILITANT arrested for C4/rocket stuff, to bring back the original Constitution

    Well, perhaps it is best that THE FOUNDING FATHERS when they were in PHILADELPHIA writing the Constitution in 1787 didn't have access to grenades--we might not be here. New Hampshire militant busted after buying grenades to bring back ‘the original Constitution’ Tom Boggioni TOM BOGGIONI 29...
  13. April15

    Prescot Bush was original member of planned parenthood.

    http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/08/04/jeb-bushs-grandfather-was-a-founding-member-of-todays-planned-parenthood/ By Steve Benen In the 1950s, Prescott Bush (R-Conn.) was elected to the U.S. Senate twice, but he narrowly lost his first bid for statewide office in 1950. At the time, Bush drew...
  14. mrmike

    Original target of Boston terrorist = Pam Geller?

    Seems Usaamah Rahim originally intended to behead the lady who organized the draw Mohammed contest that was held in Garland Tx last month. Then he made a last minute change to target officers. Boston terror suspect reportedly targeted 'Draw Muhammad' activist for beheading The...
  15. meridian5455

    Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Rand on Original 'Star Trek,' Dies at 85

    RIP Grace Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Rand on Original 'Star Trek,' Dies - NBC News
  16. MaryAnne

    The Original FastTrack

    In 1974. Not intended for what they are pip using today. https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33743.pdf
  17. M

    The Trial of Tony Blair - Original Music Video

    Hi there I have recently finished a new song entitled: The Trial of Tony Blair - The music video contains some information that the public are mainly unaware of. (George W Bush is also included). It is currently getting played on alternative radio stations across Europe and America. Please...
  18. J

    The Original Forecast For Social Security

    Few people can have a record for being right like A.J. Altmeyer. He warned Congress about the dangers of underfunding Social Security with a forecast that materialized with dizzying accuracy. His testimony makes him look like Nostradamus. His writing should interest you because he based his...
  19. meridian5455

    Star Trek: TOS Gets Final Two Years of Original Mission, Thanks to Fans

    Star Trek: The Original Series, as the television show that started it all is called nowadays, had a problem. The shows iconic intro voiceover proclaimed that the U.S.S. Enterprise has a “five-year mission”, but the show was canceled after only three seasons. A group called Far From Home, LLC...
  20. Monk-Eye

    An Original Crimean War

    " An Original Crimean War " There is much history uncovered at the following link - Crimean War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ; it is an interesting light and current events are an puzzle .