1. excalibur

    Here’s the 5 Important Details We Learned From Just Released Carter Page FISA Warran

    Highly redacted, what are they hiding. And if Carter Page is so dirty, why has he never been charged? Here’s the 5 Important Details We Learned From Just Released Carter Page FISA Warrant ... 2. The warrants flatly declare Page is a Russian agent. Over and over again. Employing...
  2. Crusher

    Lisa Page will not appear for Capitol Hill interview despite subpoena

    Lisa Page will not appear for Capitol Hill interview despite subpoena, attorney says | Fox News Former FBI attorney Lisa Page will not appear for a private interview with two House committees despite being subpoenaed, her attorney told Fox News Tuesday. In a statement, Amy Jeffress said...
  3. Crusher

    Top FBI Official Lisa Page Resigned

    The list just keeps getting longer as the Deep State swamp creatures are being exposed and getting fired or are resigning. Let's review Mrs. Page: Affair with FBI Demoted Agent Peter Strzok Texts expose...
  4. Crusher

    FBI did not collect personal emails of Peter Styzok and Lisa Page

    Direct Source - The FBI's claims is that they are not obligated to obtain or keep these records (as normal course of business). But, this is anything but normal. We have FBI - DoJ lovers...
  5. excalibur

    How the FBI spied on Trump through Carter Page AFTER Page left the campaign

    How the FBI spied on Trump through Carter Page AFTER Page left the campaign
  6. excalibur

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages
  7. TennesseeRain

    Carter Page is a Russian Asset Carter Page has said he was “interested in business” and “possible research opportunities” when he...
  8. The Man

    Carter Page may be "Russian agent"

    Trump Campaign Aide Carter Page May Have Been Russian Agent, Justice Department Believed, According to Nunes Memo
  9. Madeline

    Moore Accuser Home Burned; Obama Staffer Starts GoFundMe Page For Her

    Ex-Obama staffer starts GoFundMe for Moore accuser whose house burned down | TheHill I haven't donated, as there's no information on whether her loss is covered by insurance. But I applaud the impulse to help this lady. Meanwhile, I find the possibility that this was an arson attack very...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    MUNCHIN & FED's 1 PAGE (indepth) analysis of GOP TAX bill (laughable & POLITICAL)

    Remember a couple of weeks ago when Mnunchin said he had like a hundred people working on the analysis of the GOP TAX BILL? 100 people produced a one page ROSIE SCENARIO document, apparently short on references, sources, analysis and FACTS. But then who cares about DETAILS, right?? (If you...
  11. Amelia

    Facebook page in honor of W.

    I'm a member of a pro-W page on facebook. I won't say the exact name because I don't want to make it too easy for anyone to drop in and stir things up. They're having a rough enough time already. There's an explosion of people leaving the group because the Bush presidents took a few shots at...
  12. PACE

    Dossier states that Russia funded Stein's and Page's trip to Moscow
  13. the watchman

    Carter Page refuses to testify before Senate Intel: report

    Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is refusing to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in its investigation into Russian interference in the election, Politico reported Tuesday. Page reportedly*told the committee Tuesday that he won't*cooperate with the lawmakers in their...
  14. PACE

    Read the comments on this GoFundMe page

    for the kid beaten up by these white thugs in a parking lot before the rally Interesting, BUT, the goal was 50K, it's up to 89K there are more good people than maggots in America. Regards Pace
  15. Davocrat

    Charlottesville car attacker just got a Facebook fan page

    Probably get shut down soon. Check it out: James Alex Fields, Jr. is the killer, apparently. Fuck him.
  16. the watchman

    The New York Times used a full page to print 'Trump's lies' since taking office.

    The New York Times used a full page in the opinion section of Sunday's paper to print what it described as nearly every lie President Donald Trump had publicly told since taking office just over five months ago. The list includes contradictions by Trump on a slew of topics, like the Iraq War...
  17. the watchman

    Report: FBI Questioned Carter Page for 10 Hours

    FBI agents have repeatedly questioned former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page about his contacts with Russians and his interactions with the Trump campaign, according to people familiar with the investigation. Over a series of five meetings in March, totaling about 10 hours of questioning...
  18. GordonGecko

    Carter Page to testify before House Intell Committee-

    Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page says he'll testify before House intel panel on Russian election interference - ABC News If you've never seen the video of Carter Page hemming and hawing and finally contradicting himself in his interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes....check it out. He'll melt...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    EX-CIA'r, Carter Page is chump change, they're focusing on WH higher ups...

    I have no idea how far high up will be. I'd ask for an org chart for these guys but best I can tell they've been writing them on an Etch-A-Sketch pad... ‘Carter Page is chump change’: Ex-CIA officer claims feds are focusing on White House higher-ups TOM BOGGIONI 06 MAY 2017 AT 08:25 ET...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Carter Page's firm FIRED him for PRO-KREMLIN leanings--NOW he's in the WH!

    Well, I guess the guy needed a job, so the magnanimous Mr. Trump brought him into his inner circle. Oh yeah, the word out in the past couple of days is that BANNON is out of the inner loop of influence and PAGE is being groomed to take his place! Page's old boss called him WHACKADOODLE--but by...