1. meridian5455

    Another page from the sick liberal playbook at Planned Parenthood

    Now they are trying to "guilt coerce" people into supporting PP because these sick left wing fucks care so much about children? (Even the ones that they murdered and chopped up to be sold for a profit?) How low can lib scum go? Evidently even lower than we thought, which is really saying...
  2. Davocrat

    Ellen Page confronts Ted Cruz who has a really lame answer

    Seems like a very simple and direct question. But Cruz makes it a "back and forth." Who in their right mind would vote for this simpering cynic? Ellen Page Confronts Ted Cruz In Iowa - CBSN Live Video - CBS News
  3. vikingbeast

    From the Durst Facebook Page

    Got this off of Will Durst's facebook page. This guy is a scream (Durst, not Trump, although Trump is funny in his own way............) RUMPUS CHUMPUS TRUMPUS For all those bemoaning the lack of noise in the Republican presidential sweepstakes it’s time to get down on our knees and give...
  4. BDBoop

    McConnell wants1k+ page highway bill passed, unread

    Senate negotiators reach highway bill deal; action delayed - US News WASHINGTON (AP) — With a deadline looming for a cutoff of highway aid to states, Senate Republicans failed Tuesday to muster enough votes to take up a bill that would extend transportation programs for six years. Democrats...
  5. meridian5455

    Can everyone see this ad/poll on the sign-on page?

    I see this when I am loggin on. There are several versions, each one displays guns prominently. Can everyone else see them as well?
  6. Sprockey

    Dylann Roof's sister sets up GoFundMe page for wedding,

    Dylann Roof's sister sets up GoFundMe page for wedding, 'dream honeymoon' after Charleston massacre
  7. jackalope

    GOP Clerk Yanks College Paper Off Rack Near Polling Place Over Udall Front Page

    Electioneering? Or violation of 1st amendment free press?
  8. S

    Retired Navy Officer on "Reward for Capture of Obama" Facebook Page.

    Now, an early disclaimer. This open OpEd was posted on the website Americans Against the Tea Party. So, people of a right-wing persuasion may not even choose to read it at all, but I encourage you do, as it isn't simply a journalist and his pundit-y rambles. This is retired Navy Chief Warrant...
  9. Use Caution

    Dave Brat’s Campaign Manager Scrubs Facebook Page of Extremist Comments After win1

    Dave Brat’s Campaign Manager Scrubs Facebook Page of Extremist Comments After Election. Would you be surprised to learn that Tea Party heartthrob Dave Brat’s campaign manager has a Facebook page with loony comments about abortion, racism, and links to extreme right wing websites? Well, it did...
  10. Cicero

    I'll see your record and raise you! EIGHT, EIGHT Cliven Bundy threads on page one!

    Cliven Bundy Accidentally Explained What’s Wrong With the Republican Party APRIL 24, 2014 Josh Barro On Saturday, Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has risen to prominence because of his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management, held forth about “the Negro,” and how black people may...
  11. Toldyaso

    A NEW RECORD !!! SEVEN Attack "BUNDY" THREADS on PH "Current Events" Page One !!

    Hilarious how the spectre of Americans PUSHING BACK against the Left's "Mommygov" has so terrified the Littel Animal Farm critters, isn'tit? Part of the ANYTHING TO DISTRACT from the latest string of Obama EMBARRASSMENTS, Soros-paid talking points....funny.
  12. meridian5455

    One final glitch: Sebelius’s farewell speech derails because … it’s missing a page Now that's some funny shit! They couldn't have timed that fuck up if they planned it.
  13. Dr.Knuckles

    Ellen Page comes out as Nova Scotian.

    Ellen Page has publically come out as Nova Scotian. She joins other celebrities such as......uh .... She breaks new ground in openly declaring an identity still very much looked down on and stigmatized in most of the developed world. Page faces both career and personal repercussions from her...
  14. Cotton2226

    Is there a reason that a member's post doesn't show up on the new post page?

    Would be much simpler to find....wouldn't it?? Just saying. :confusion:
  15. Raoul_Duke

    Republicans taking a page out of Duke's playbook...

    Back the Democrats into a rhetorical corner by insisting on them answering the simple questions rather than letting them wrap you up in complex policy or ideological arguments. Does the deficit exist or doesn't it? Is the economy returning to normal or stuck in low gear? How much more can we...
  16. BDBoop

    Mitch McConnell Facebook Page Mocks Failure Of Gun Legislation

    Mitch McConnell Facebook Page Mocks Failure Of Gun Legislation Of COURSE it does! What else would we expect from such a man? I hope the FBI fillets his sorry ass for the Ashley Judd debacle.
  17. Fred Garvin-MP

    Ouch!!: Washington Times Runs Full Page Expo Why Obama's Birth Record Is Not Legal

    This full page advertisement is precise and to the point and it makes good points. It is well put together for the average person to understand. The truth is out that his now confirmed forged birth record indicates that Mr. Obama's true citizenship is now in question since he has no valid legal...
  18. Fred Garvin-MP

    Controversal Photo Of Obama Placed On His Facebook Page Troubling A Lot Of People

    This is being discussed all over the internet message boards and was heavily discussed this morning on radio talk shows. The big mystery is about a photo of Obama in 1973 posing with his mother, grandfather and sister Maya at the Honolulu airport beleived arriving from Indonesia. The photo in...
  19. meridian5455

    Officer Down Memorial Page

    Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) There are those who like to post stories about police officers who have gone over the line, which is understandable given the mistrust that a lot of people have for authority figures. In all fairness, it is important to repember that the vast majority of law...
  20. Towski

    Women (sluts?) set Rick Perry's Facebook Page on Fire

    Women set Rick Perry's Facebook page on fire - She the People: - The Washington Post snip As the GOP's brilliant election year WAR ON WOMEN strategy continues. So savvy. So smart.[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]