1. cpicturetaker12

    Palin kid wants judge to BAR MEDIA at his TRIAL for ASSAULTING his father!!

    So let's see, shall we. We had the family below as the 2ND FAMILY of the US and Biden was the laughing stock on the RIGHT. Yet we still have this KLONDIKE white trash after 10 years constantly in the news with some story of unintended pregnancies, divorces, assaults, cops called to drunken...
  2. DebateDrone

    Sarah Palin: It's “like a perpetual gut punch”

    Palin Disputes That McCain Regrets 2008 Vice President Pick Wow delusional still after all these years. No Sarah, John McCain choosing you and putting you on...
  3. T

    Sarah Palin on sexual harassment: 'People know I'm probably packing'

    Really Sarah? People don't sexually harass you because you probably have a gun on you? Whilst I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd, I am note I see guns as quite the cure all my more extreme brethren do. Sarah Palin on sexual harassment: 'People know I'm probably packing' so they 'don't mess...
  4. MaryAnne

    Trump Names Sarah Palin!

    Ambassador to Nambia !
  5. the watchman

    National Disgrace Sarah Palin Tells Immigrants To “Speak American” In Ultimate Gaffe

    Palin said, “You know, I think we can send a message and say, you wanna be in America? A). You better be here legally, or you’re out of here. B). Let’s speak American. I mean let’s speak English. That’s kind of a unifying aspect of a nation is the language that is understood by all. But, you...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Sarah Palin's case dismissed against the NY Times.

    DUH! The party that screams and screeches about a LITIGIOUS SOCIETY sure do sue a lot! Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Against The New York Times Is Dismissed By SYDNEY EMBERAUG. 29, 2017 Continue reading the main story Photo Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, at an event in Tampa...
  7. T

    Sarah Palin is outraged about a student painting of the Statue of Liberty as a Muslim

    I swear, Muslims are kryptonite to folks on the right. Some folks anyway. Getting her granny panties in a wad, Palin takes to Twitter to join in the corus of shit that doe snot matter but plays to bigots, that being outrage over a student artist's painting in the office of a congressman...
  8. Spookycolt

    Where is Sarah Palin?

    We need her more than ever right now with the constant lies and attacks by the left on Trump. Her leadership would go a long way to shoring up our defense against these unmitigated attacks. She has the ability to rally our party like no one else and frankly she needs to step up.
  9. T

    Sarah Palin reduced to running right-wing clickbait site where she writes about ‘hot’

    Indeed, the intellectual giant that is Palin, former 1.5 term governor of Alaska, former vice presidential candidate, now a click bait fake newser. After the demise of her TV channel, whihc never was a TV channel, her reality show, her judge show, her respectability (what little bit she had)...
  10. Spookycolt

    Sarah Palin to sue the NYT and she will probably win

    She seems to have a very strong case here if she decides to pursue it which I imagine she will. The NYT spews crap like this all the time without fact checking just to please their liberal base and its time they are held accountable for their horrendous journalism. I hope she gets...
  11. Bronwyn

    Sarah Palin: I had a 'great night' at the White House

    "A great night at the White House! Thank you to President Trump for the invite!" Palin wrote on Facebook and Twitter. Ted Nugent and Kid Rock were also present in the photos posted by Palin. Nugent wrote on Facebook that he and his wife, Shemane, dined with Trump at the White House "to...
  12. T

    Sarah Palin takes shot at Colin Kaepernick for his Meals on Wheels donation

    Well done Sarah! Colin Kaepernick, whom as far as I know has the audacity to be a kind of crappy quarterback with a politcal agenda, donated $50,000 to meals on wheels, presumably as a shot at Trump. Sarah goes on to bash him for a "political stunt". Really Sarah? How much did you donate...
  13. bajisima

    Sarah Palin blasts GOP healthcare plan as socialism

    An angry Sarah Palin tore into the new proposed Republican health care program as “socialism” on Saturday. Palin’s vociferous opposition underscores the problem Republicans face in getting their plan off the ground. Not only do they face millions of furious voters terrified of losing...
  14. sweettee

    Who is the bigger snake oil salesman: Palin or Trump?

    Jeebus. One is just as sleazy as the other. Its ALLLLLLLL about "Me" with those two. Ick and ickier. Trash...both of them. *******************************************...
  15. BAZINGA DrumpF

    The end of Sarah Palin is here! Yes or No?

    The end of Sarah Palin is here! Yes or No? Remember how former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was going to use her political celebrity to build an army of like-minded politicians via her political action committee? Yeah, not so much...
  16. Spookycolt

    Palin: ‘I can keep an eye’ on Russia

    She is actually putting this whole silly issue into perspective with some comedy. Got to love her. Palin: ?I can keep an eye? on Russia
  17. C

    Sarah Palin blasts Donald Trump

    Sarah Palin blasts Donald Trump's deal with Carrier as 'crony capitalism' The former Alaska governor compared the deal to some of President Obama's labour policies Feliks Garcia New York @feliksjose Sarah Palin lambasted President-elect Donald Trump for the deal reached with Carrier...
  18. Spookycolt

    Trump may consider Sarah Palin for VA secretary, source tells NBC

    Trump may consider Sarah Palin for VA secretary, source tells NBC Watch the left go bat shit crazy over this.
  19. MaryAnne

    Sarah Palin

    Being considered for the VA? This should cheer all you Veterans.
  20. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Steve Bannon found his perfect presidential candidate Sarah Palin! But rode DrumpF!

    Steve Bannon thought he had found his perfect presidential candidate. This person was “an outsider,” someone who was “not part of the political establishment,” “not for sale,” with “an ‘America First’ foreign policy approach” and “a ‘Drain the Swamp’ mentality about Washington, DC.” What Bannon...