1. cpicturetaker12

    The VAPID for the VAPID: Palin SHREDS English to PROMOTE DONALD!!

    Be careful who your friends are! Jezzuschrist--these 2 were separated at birth. The 2 share the same 'talent' for CUISINARTING the English language. Both have college degrees and one from an IVY LEAGUE school. This is fucking pathetic. Sarah Palin shreds the dictionary to invite ‘smart...
  2. TennesseeRain

    Rapper Azealia Banks: Sarah Palin Should Be Gang-Raped by Black Men

    Rapper Azealia Banks went on a Twitter rant against former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Twitter Sunday, saying Palin should be forced to undergo a series of crude and humiliating sex acts with black men. Banks eventually deleted the tweets, but the Media Research Center...
  3. G

    Sarah Palin's Latest Anti-Immigrant Comments Continue a Horrible Election Trend

    If there's one person who hasn't run for president but has still had an awful lot to say this election cycle, it's Sarah Palin. She's delivered a bizarre Trump endorsement speech and pointed out the "punk-ass little thuggery" of Trump protesters, and now she's brought her famous "right-wingin'...
  4. meridian5455

    Sarah Palin Developing Her Own Judge Judy-Style Reality Show

    Move over, Judge Judy. There could be a new TV courtroom judge coming to town – and it's none other than former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The onetime vice presidential candidate has been tapped to preside over a planned reality court show that would premiere next year, if it gets picked up by...
  5. bajisima

    Sarah Palin: "No time for punk ass thuggery"

    Rumors of Sarah Palin canceling an appearance at Trumps rally were greatly exaggerated as she showed up energized. This time she talked about how Trumps protestors are "punk ass thugs." Sarah Palin on Donald Trump protesters: 'Punk-ass, little thuggery' -
  6. Davocrat

    Palin letter to Mitt!!!!

    Thank you, Sarah! Sarah Palin?s Letter Cussing Out Mitt Romney Is What Comedy Dreams Are Made Of [/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. G

    Sarah Palin denies blaming President Obama for son’s PTSD struggles

    On the “Today” show, Palin denied she was placing blame on the president for her son’s PTSD struggles. “I never blamed President Obama,” she said. “What I have blamed President Obama in doing though is this level of disrespect for the United States military that is being manifest in gutting...
  8. G

    Sarah Palin talks Trump’s Iowa loss and whether they’ve discussed running together

    Palin also shared her thoughts on why Trump, who had been the frontrunner, was defeated in Iowa. “I think he just had to have seen more of his conservative side out, because Iowa’s so good and conservative,” Palin said. Palin endorsed Trump on Jan. 19. Given her popularity among...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    PALIN goes off NBC, don't ask about my son, Obama does NOT support the troops & more

    So the BITCH goes off on Lauer (and the press in general) says they had agreed rules, she was only going to asked about the caucus and her support of Trump. Lauer says no such rules were made. Says she DIDN'T blame OBAMA originally about her son's arrest and his suffering from PTSD and 'the...
  10. knight

    Miss Bristol Palin upset with Tina Fey

    Bristol Palin Unhappy With Tina?s Fey?s Impression On SNL ? Realtime Politics Ha. Miss Bristol Palin doesn’t think Tina Fey does a very good impression of her mother Sarah Palin, and she took to her blog to complain. The younger Palin even put up a poll…as to who wore Sarah’s Palin’s...
  11. OldGaffer

    Colbert does Palin
  12. A

    Steven Colbert weighs in on Palin's endorsement of Trump.

    on his late night show Wed. night. Hilarious stuff.
  13. S

    Sarah Palin Cashes In

    Ok, who didn't see this coming? :smiley_ROFLMAO: :smiley_ROFLMAO:
  14. PACE

    Palin gets "slapped down" by grown ups at the White House

    she makes this into political chewing gum, snapping her lips at the mawing crowd, The white house, on the other hand, takes it seriously... She's making excuses and makes it into a joke I agree, she put it out there, She can pick up her trash White House reacts to Palin: 'Domestic...
  15. G

    Sarah Palin wins!!!!!!!!!

    The worst mother of the century award...She's Trump material.
  16. Sassy

    Why does Trump think Palin will help him?

    She didn't do McCain any favors.
  17. the watchman

    Palin Says Son's Arrest Linked to PTSD, Obama's Stance on Vets.

    Sarah Palin suggested Wednesday that her son's arrest on domestic violence charges this week stemmed from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and - in part - the president's lack of "respect" for veterans. Addressing what she called "the elephant in the room" during a rally in support of Donald...
  18. GordonGecko

    So, uh, here's the full text of Sarah Palin's bizarre Trump speech-

    "Word salad...yummy, yummy. Word salad...yummy, yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy word salaaaaaaaaaaad!"---The Wiggles I especially like when she referred to herself and the audience as...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    Sarah Palin endorses TRUMP! Her son is ARRESTED on assault and weapons charges

    Sarah Palin endorses TRUMP! Son ARRESTED--gun & domestic violence charges Busy day for the PALINS! WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO was being domestically assaulted and by WHOM!!! Sarah Palin’s son Track arrested on assault and weapons-related charges Arturo Garcia ARTURO GARCIA 19 JAN 2016 AT...
  20. HadEnough2

    Trump Honored to Receive Palin Endorsement

    They do have a lot in common. One was a politician that turned reality star and the other was a reality star turned politician. One's a quitter one's a bull shitter. Trump is selling outrage and emotion and the Right Wing Drama Queens are buying it. Will this help Trump or hurt him?