1. Wonderer

    Can You Debate a Political Issue W/o Mentioning Trump, Obama, or Political Parties?

    Thought experiment: I'm just wondering if we're capable of debating/discussing a topic without resorting to the standard rhetoric re: Democrats/Republicans/Trump/Obama? Like, say, immigration. Is it possible to discuss possible policies/solutions regarding immigration without reference to...
  2. excalibur

    State Democratic Parties Accused of 'Unprecedented' Conspiracy to Violate Campaign La

    Ho ho. State Democratic Parties Accused of 'Unprecedented' Conspiracy to Violate Campaign Laws
  3. bajisima

    Thomas Piketty: Western political parties favor the elites

    Agree or disagree? In a new paper, French political economist Thomas Piketty, author of the bestselling 2013 book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," argues that Western political parties on the right and left have both become parties of the "elites." He goes on to explain the...
  4. Darkman

    Senators from both parties urge Trump to take the lead on gun-control efforts

    Senators urge Trump to take the lead on gun-control efforts Senators urge Trump to take the lead on gun-control efforts
  5. jacobfitcher

    Alabama to Jail Hundreds of Voters for Switching Parties

    Alabama just slapped its citizens with nasty news concerning voter fraud. The Republican Secretary of State John Merrill has officially threatened to jail up to 674 Alabamans who he believes committed voter fraud by switching parties for the September 26th run-off election. Alabama Governor...
  6. bajisima

    Companies not having holiday parties due to sexual harassment fears

    You wait all year for it: the annual company holiday party. It is certainly the season for co-workers to get together and celebrate the end of a successful year. But a new survey shows some businesses will not be participating this year. Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a national human...
  7. excalibur

    FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties

    Oh Comey, looks like he may have perjured himself. Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties | Circa News - Learn. Think. Do.
  8. Southern Dad

    Even Child Care Divides Parties. Ivanka Trump Tries Building a Bridge.

    Can Ivanka Trump cross party lines to get something accomplished on this issue? This issue is normally embraced by the Democrats, while Republicans tend to avoid it. Senator Patty Murray seems to think that Ivanka Trump isn't willing to give enough. Can't we get agreement on the parts that...
  9. bajisima

    Kasich: Political parties are disintegrating

    Interesting, do you agree or not? The Republican and Democratic parties are “disintegrating before our very eyes,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday. “Look, I believe the political parties are disintegrating before our very eyes. I think more and more people across this country see no...
  10. D

    Town halls showcase organizing on the left and concerns in both parties

    And thus starts the downfall of the Republican Party in 2018 and especially 2020. Americans from all over are very angry and upset at what the GOP is doing and the non-answers they are getting. They will not forget that in the next election. But Republicans have no one to blame but themselves...
  11. Ginger

    Hollywood PR Firm Cancels Holiday Parties in Post-Trump Funk [Warning: Post 49]

    Hollywood publicity firm Sunshine Sachs has canceled its annual, bicoastal holiday celebrations as a gesture of support for immigrants, women, LGBT people and the environment. Sixteen different organizations — including the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign and the Immigrant Defense Fund — will...
  12. DebateDrone

    So the two major political parties and the main stream media is telling us

    everything is normal. Young people protesting in cities all over the country is not normal. The anger of young people is not going away no matter how much President Obama and Hillary Clinton vow to help in Trump's transition. No matter how much main stream media are moving on to a "all...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    Coke fuled SEX parties with GIRL models for TRUMP ("the F'g BEAST") & other older men

    I think at this juncture, it's over. I see no reason for people to just throw CRAP out there. Instead what I see is, we KNOW, we held back, a lot of people know shit, we all held back and it's okay and time to TELL. Impress his friends, get some ass, get some younger ass. Just don't smoke...
  14. Davocrat

    The trouble with third parties

    They show up too late and expect us to say, "YEAH! You're new! You can run our country!!" ...with some notable exceptions like Nader and Perot. Still, here's what I suggest. Because I actually wouldn't mind helping elect the first Green Party president: 1) AUDIT the current campaign. DON'T...
  15. D

    For Trump's Convention, Quiet Parties and Sluggish Fundraising

    That has just got to hurt and be very heart-wrenching for Trump to see that those who should be there to support him at this very special occasion are not. It just goes to show that interest is just not there for the presumptive Republican nominee. The GOP base is simply not fired up enough this...
  16. J

    Do you conservatives support your parties attempt to take away the voting priveledges

    This conservative move as a last ditch to stay important politically , them Knowing that demographics will put them in the history book soon. So there last ditchnational program to take away the voting rights of blocks of people who's majority are made up of democrats. By making it harder for...
  17. BYG Jacob

    How Hillary bought the loyalty of 33 state democratic parties

    How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties This surprises.... nobody
  18. Singularity

    Canadian PM + opposition parties unite to greet refugees at airport

    Yes, it's a stunt; they even had this particular plane brought to a private terminal that is normally reserved for diplomatic arrivals. But a very effective one, and one that shows how Canada is well ahead of the U.S. Every party in Parliament participated to "welcome home" a little under 150...
  19. Wonderer

    A major Greek system may ban female students from frat parties

    The University of Missouri — better known as Mizzou — may ban female students from campus fraternity parties, according to a list of proposed changes to the school's Greek system. The draft of the list recently leaked online, following coverage of the proposal from Total Frat Move and other...
  20. I

    Minor political parties

    I have always been a conservative and obviously I supported republicans. But recently I've lost any trust to it. More and more republicans are turning into democrats with their support to gay marriages and illegal immigrants. Well they may have a different agenda from the democrats but I really...