1. ptif219

    Billboards Showing Pastor Holding Bible Removed After Complaints share this email

    This is an attack by intolerant Democrats on freedom of speech and freedom of religion Billboards Showing Pastor Holding Bible Removed After Complaints | Fox News Insider
  2. 5 stringer

    Pastor Slammed After Meeting With Trump

    Pastor says "America's cultural climate is in a petty and low place". Can't black and white men get together and try to solve problems without the idiots making it about their political agenda to divide us? Pastor Slammed After Meeting With Trump: America's Cultural Climate Is in a 'Petty...
  3. Darkman

    Darrell Scott - American pastor, member of Donald Trump's executive transition team

    Darrell C. Scott Pastor Darrell C. Scott is an American pastor and a member of President Donald Trump's executive transition team. He is a co-founder of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Wikipedia Dr. Darrell Scott (@PastorDScott) · Twitter...
  4. aboutenough

    Pastor shoots armed carjacker hours after Sunday sermon

    A Washington state pastor fatally shot an armed carjacker in a Walmart parking lot — hours after delivering an impassioned sermon about stepping in to help others, reports said. David George, pastor of the Assembly of God Church in Oakville, Wash., was standing in the checkout line of an area...
  5. MaryAnne

    Pastor Counseling?

    This Pastor has a great Counseling Method. Pa. pastor caught by cops in car with bound naked man says he was counseling him |
  6. cpicturetaker12

    KY REP STATE REP and church PASTOR kills himself after sexual assault charges

    Yesterday, was a huge newsday and I didn't put the story up about this guy. Took a different turn yesterday. Guess it was true. GOP state rep who committed suicide after molestation charges left a note calling allegations ‘fake news’ NOOR AL-SIBAI 13 DEC 2017 AT 21:25 ET A Kentucky state...
  7. aboutenough

    Pastor who accused Whole Foods of writing gay slur 'F**' ADMITS that it was a hoax

    A pastor who accused Whole Foods of writing a gay slur in icing on a cake has dropped his lawsuit and admitted it was a hoax. Openly gay pastor Jordan Brown of Austin, Texas, claimed he ordered icing on a Whole Foods cake to read 'Love Wins', that instead read 'Love Wins F**'. He filmed a video...
  8. T

    Dallas pastor: 'God is not necessarily an open borders guy'

    Well there you go. A faction of the Christ cult eschewing claimed values in favor of worshiping the Trump ideal, getting rid of DACA. Apparently, in their new version of their god, the closed border is okay, because perhaps that is what Jesus would do. Dallas pastor: 'God is not...
  9. T

    Alabama senate candidate repeatedly appeared on radio with pastor who preaches penalt

    Ah, religion makes strange bedfellows. Bat shiti crazy Chirstian ISIS former judge Roy Moore, he who refused to enforce a Supreme Court ruling and installed cult worship stones on public grounds seems to have kept some strange company. Namely, another bat shit crazy Christian ISIS member who...
  10. PACE

    Robert E Lee IV quits as pastor as he denounces America's "original sin"

    Racism Robert E. Lee's descendant quits church after VMA speech - NY Daily News Alt Right, Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, Nazi's and plain ole pissed off white folk just "can't get a break", can they?
  11. boontito

    Mega Celebrity Pastor Joel Osteen Gets Called Out On Twitter Re: Harvey

    Twitter seems all aflutter regarding Houston's own, mega celebrity Christian pastor Joel Osteen offering what many see as the bare minimum in help for his home city during the natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey. READ: Joel Osteen?s Tweets About Hurricane, Twitter?s*Response People who know...
  12. KnotaFrayed

    'We didn't elect a pastor or charming person'?

    Trump 'has a track record of turning things around'? How so and what is that track record, exactly? If it is to divide people and advocate violence against others....yes. We were born...
  13. ptif219

    Evangelical pastor shares image of prayer circle laying their hands on Donald Trump's

    I am sure the democrats will condemn this and say Christians have no rights Evangelical pastor prays over Donald Trump in Oval Office | Daily Mail Online
  14. aboutenough

    Pastor Prevails After State Officials Force Him To Turn Over Sermons

    The state of Georgia agreed to pay $225,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit, after state officials dismissed an employee because of sermons hegave in his capacity as a lay minister. Dr. Eric Walsh, a Seventh-Day Adventist minister and public health professional, was hired for a...
  15. Madeline

    OH Pastor Arrested For Sex Trafficking Children

    FBI: Toledo pastor from Cleveland charged with sex crimes - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH We are afflicted with some hideous people masquarading as Christian pastors around here. Is it this area (NE Ohio) or just a fluke?
  16. cpicturetaker12

    FL youth counselor (& youth pastor) chopped up a teen, found buried in a backyard

    So this guy was apparently a youth counselor used by at least one church in NE Florida. A former youth pastor. He was apparently a certified counselor and had kids sent to him over the years for counseling including for 'sexual abuse'. Turns out he murdered a kid 20+ years ago cut him (cut in...
  17. Spookycolt

    Ohio Pastor Claims Chicago Gangs Want To Work With Trump To Fight*Crime

    So people want Trump to do what Obama couldn't, in Obama's own city even. I guess when push comes to shove they know who get's things done. Trump calls concept of a meeting with Chicago gangs 'great idea' | Chicago Sun-Times
  18. DemoWhip

    Trump Taps Anti-Gay, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Mormon Pastor Robert Jeffress For Prayer Ser

    So, for those who thought that Trump was so Pro-Gay and Pro other groups, think again! But what further deeply disturbs me and should many others, especially fellow Christians, is what Jeffress is said to have espoused about the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus Christ. That is totally inexcusable...
  19. GordonGecko

    Rightwing Christian pastor tells Rightwing Christians to "move on" on gay marriage -

    Pastor Robert Jeffress Tells Christians to "Move On" From Gay Marriage Issue | RedState Jeffress being a Trump loyalist is merely following the lead of his Beloved Orange Master... but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out with the rest of the Religious Right who were...
  20. TennesseeRain

    ‘Lecherous and worthless': Megachurch pastor from Trump’s own evangelical council

    denounces him... A member of Donald Trump’s evangelical council wrote a sharply worded email calling the Republican presidential candidate’s lewd comments made in a 2005 video “misogynistic trash that reveals a man to be lecherous and worthless,” saying he is no longer willing to offer more of...