1. 5 stringer

    Colorado Baker Sues Again

    Looks like the Homosexual fascists aren't going to leave him alone and has targeted him again.
  2. Sassy

    The Jewish Persecution Catalog

    Someone insulted *A* Jewish person. They must be antisemitic.
  3. Blueneck

    Persecution of Christians in North Korea'dentration-camps.html So why aren't right wing Christians speaking out about the fact Trump is ignoring this? North Korea's only recognized "religion" is Juche ideology. Where's the outrage?
  4. Cicero

    Six examples of Christian Persecution in the United States I had a hard time buying into the argument being made. I had to fix the URL because the original link was broken Here it is again.
  5. BDBoop

    What actual Christian persecution looks like

    Driven Underground Years Ago, Japan's 'Hidden Christians' Maintain Faith : Parallels : NPR At the Shimano Yakata Museum, which includes a large exhibition on the island's hidden Christian traditions, Nakazono shows me a wooden plaque with an image of Jesus and Mary. He says Japanese authorities...
  6. Cicero

    Poor, poor pitiful me: The Christian Persecution complex

    The Evangelical Persecution Complex The theological and cultural roots of a damaging attitude in the Christian community ALAN NOBLEAUG 4 2014, 7:30 AM ET Persecution has an allure for many evangelicals. In the Bible, Christians are promised by Saint Paul that they will suffer for Christ, if...
  7. aboutenough

    Suspended High Schooler claims religious Persecution sues school

    EVERETT, Wash. -- An Everett high school student who claims he was wrongly suspended for loudly sharing his Christian faith has sued the school district, claiming his Constitutional rights were violated. Michael Leal proselytized to his classmates at Cascade High School and passed out lengthy...
  8. R

    The Gay Persecution Catalog:

    Because, at this point, it just had to be done: Arizona ?religious freedom? bill: Attack on gays or shield for some Christians? - - The Website of Political Research Associates Hateful Homosexual Attacks on Ex-Gays » Americans for Truth Joe Williams...
  9. boontito

    Is This Christian Persecution?

    Boy Scouts revoke Seattle church's charter over gay scoutmaster - (CNN) -*The Boy Scouts of America has revoked the charter of a Seattle church that refused to fire its pack's gay scoutmaster, according to a letter written by the organization's general counsel and provided to CNN by the...
  10. TennesseeRain

    New Film 'Persecuted' Warns of Abuse of Gov't Power, Religious Persecution

    WASHINGTON — "Persecuted," a new film that will be released on May 9, is a thriller with a political message about religious persecution and the abuse of government power. While Hollywood is better known for making films with a liberal point of view, "Persecuted" was unabashedly made from...
  11. Taylor2012

    Islamist persecution of Christians continues....

    And this crap is being done, apparently, all with the sanction and approval of Barack Obama. And why not? His cousin, Odinga, in Kenya had Christians slaughtered when he lost the election that Obama helped him campaign for. His parents were athiests. The only church he attended was one...
  12. BDBoop

    The Christian Persecution Test

    Finally! Real Vs. Fake Christian Persecution: how you can spot the difference | Formerly Fundie: Insights, Hopes and Laments on American Christianity and Culture Let me know how you do. I'm inordinately curious.
  13. boontito

    The Christian Persecution Catalog

    Because at this point... it just had to be done.
  14. Raoul_Duke

    LOL! The IRS "targets" conservative organizations for persecution...

    And a House Democrat accuses his Republican colleagues of being "too partisan" in their questioning of the IRS bureaucrats who oversaw this political vendetta: Joe Crowley hits GOP during hearing - Kevin Robillard - That's chutzpa!
  15. The Man

    Jehovah's Witnesses: evil sect or victims of persecution?

    You may know them as those annoying people who knock on your door or approach you on the street trying to hand you their booklets and such. In Russia, on the other hand, supposedly things are not nearly so innocent. Jehovah's Witnesses, as a religion, are present in several cities now, with...
  16. F

    Religious Persecution: What is it?

    persecution noun Excruciating punishment: hell, living hell, torment, torture. Idioms: tortures of the damned. See reward/punish/deserve. Ok,my right wing cult, this is our goal. Our goal is to torture, to give excruciating punishment, to make others live in hell......through the...