1. BigLeRoy

    People Are Abusing Their Pets To Get Opioids

    This is a very disturbing story. Some veterinarians fear that some people are abusing their pets in order to get opioids:
  2. Madeline

    Study Finds Caring For Seriously Ill Pets Is As Stressful As Caring For Ill Humans

    Caring for severely ill animals causes same stress as caring for humans, study shows | Most of us have had this horrible experience, or know someone who has. But until now, it would not have occurred to me to view it as creating this level of stress. Your thoughts?
  3. Spookycolt

    Socialist Utopia of Venezuela Tells People to Eat Their Pets

    So how many liberals are here again? I sure hope you guys don't have any pet rabbits because apparently socialism leads to starvation forcing governments to create programs for people to eat their pets. Go Sanders 2020 huh? Socialist Utopia of Venezuela Tells People to Eat Their...
  4. R

    When you scold your pets

    Babba Madeline Sassy @any other pet lovers:
  5. bajisima

    Why people are stealing their pets medications

    Sure, people share their dinners with their dogs, and some share their beds, but that kind of closeness generally isn't as much of a major danger to human health as this new kind of closeness uncovered by unsuspecting scientists. There is now scientific evidence that some people may be sharing...
  6. meridian5455

    New York to enact law banning tattoos and piercings on pets

    ALBANY — You can pet them, but you can’t pierce them. Gov. Cuomo on Monday will sign legislation outlawing the tattooing or piercing of pets, the Daily News has learned. “This is animal abuse, pure and simple,” Cuomo said. “I’m proud to sign this common-sense legislation and outlaw these cruel...
  7. Use Caution

    'Rocket cats': Warfare manual showing strapping bombs on them. And other pets maybe?

    The pictures showing cats and doves being propelled towards a castle by what appear to be jet-packs appear in a “Feuer Buech” manuscript that has now got experts puzzled. According to Fraas' translation, Helm explained how animals could be used to deliver incendiary devices: "Create a small...
  8. meridian5455

    Enroll America's New Strategy to Sell Obamacare? Singing Pets

    Enroll America's New Strategy to Sell Obamacare? Singing Pets - Leah Barkoukis Your tax dollars at work
  9. The Man

    Putin pets leopard, leopard bites reporters

    Apparently, a snow leopard at a sanctuary near Sochi was okay with being petted by the Tsar, naturally but did not like being filmed by some lowly reporters Vladimir Putin's leopard 'friend' attacks reporters - Telegraph Probably Putin told the leopard to attack the reporters. He...
  10. Froggy

    Do you spay/neuter your pets?

    This question is aimed mostly at cat/dog owners, but if you have something exotic, chime in as well. Also, when you reply please give your reasons. BTW - This poll is in "Current" because there isn't a pet topic and FWIW it is a current issue on PH.
  11. bajisima

    600 pets dead due to Chinese treats

    600 pets are dead and 36,000 more have been sickened due to jerky treats made in China. The FDA still is unable to find a source. This is a chilling reminder of the 2005 melamine poisonings when thousands of pets died and millions were sickened. Check your treats people, "when in doubt, throw...
  12. B

    Limbaugh compares Students Who Receive Free School Meals To Family Pets

    Limbaugh Compares Students Who Receive Free School Meals To Family Pets | Video | Media Matters for America Audio at the link. Go listen for yourself. Also here: Got News Wire Pretty darned disgusting. Just two months ago, he said that poor kids should "dumpster dive": Daily Kos: Rush...
  13. Granite

    San Francisco considers banning the sale of all pets

    Those loonies in San Fran are at it again. Oh, long as they keep their lunacy in their own locale, I don't have a problem with their stupid laws. But if they try to export their idiocy to my neck of the woods, they are gonna have a problem.
  14. Inkslinger

    Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture

    Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture For a fee, this service will place your dog or cat in the home of a caring atheist on Judgment Day Many people in the U.S.—perhaps 20 million to 40 million—believe there will be a Second Coming in their lifetimes, followed by the Rapture . In...
  15. M

    Soldier Pets Kitten

    Just to show that not all soldiers are "assholes". Digg - US Soldier kneels down and pets a kitten!
  16. M

    Pit Bull Blamed For Killing Two Pets It was a shocking discovery for a Jacksonville woman who came home to find two of her pets killed in her backyard. She thought a burglar was to blame for beating the dogs to death, but animal control officers found out...