1. cpicturetaker12

    Holy S! LA Times BLISTERS Trump, 'reckless, petulant, blind self-regard, dishonest'

    And much more. There just aren't enough letters in the thread title. Untethered to reality, narcissist and demagogue, obsessed with fame and adulation. Read for yourself. MEDIA 04/03/2017 12:54 am ET LA Times Editorial Board Launches Scathing Series On ‘Disastrous’ Trump By Rebecca...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Pissed off petulant TRUMP twieeting POCAHONTAS crap AGAIN against Warren.

    This man is running for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. This 'childish' drivel is UTTERLY disgusting from anyone not running for this office. He's pathetic. He's a petulant PeterPan who has NEVER GROWN UP! Do NOT give me the 'she started it first' or I may go off the rails! Donald Trump...
  3. Friday13


  4. meridian5455

    Petulant child Obama snubs the Iraqi prime minister at G7

    At the G7 Summit, President Obama was seated next to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during a photo op, but immediately afterwards Obama turned his back to him until al-Abadi walked away. Looks like high school. Abadi...
  5. NiteGuy

    Lindsey Graham (R-SC)- Petulant Hypocrite

    Graham Vows To 'Tie Senate In Knots' Over $50K Left Out Of Budget Deal | TPMDC What a hypocrite! "Earmarks are bad, but give me my earmark, or I'm gonna gum up the works!" Another oddity. Is Senator Graham actually saying that government spending can lead to the creation of jobs? I thought...