1. bajisima

    Discovery Channel receives backlash for Phelps vs Shark race

    Today people are screaming FAKE NEWS! lol In an odd battle of man-versus-wild, Michael Phelps was going to swim a 100-meter race against a great white shark during Sunday night's "Shark Week" kickoff. At least that's what fans were expecting. Of course, the Olympian was never going to...
  2. Use Caution

    Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is “on the edge of death”..YES!

    Son says Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is “on the edge of death” The hideous hate-monger is also reportedly no longer even a member of the hate-group-cum-church? According to an estranged son, Fred Phelps, the octogenarian founder of the Westboro Bapitst Church (WBC)...
  3. Spooky

    Article on Fred Phelps and his 'God hates Fags' Christian outreach program

    This is a penetrating and short, 2 page, article on the topic of the first amendment and Arizona's reaction to people threatening to use their constitutional rights of speaking out against what they believe to be wrong. It is odd that Arizona which loves the second amendment is making laws to...
  4. Blueneck

    Phelps family to picket Kennedy at JFK Library

    From their website:
  5. B

    Phelps family ruling to stand

    The Associated Press: Court rejects Mo. appeal on funeral protest law Anybody have any thoughts on this? Myself, I think as repulsive as this family is, they have the right to do what they do. I think they are idiots, but even idiots have civil rights.