1. Southern Dad

    Butts County Sheriffs Office Posed for Pic with Captured Escapee

    After his capture the BCSO posed for pics which they posted to their Facebook page. This has upset a few people. Sent from my iPad Pro using Tapatalk
  2. Minotaur

    Tom Arnold tweets pic with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes'

    Nevermind that it is Tom Arnold and try to focus on the two links. One verifies the other that Cohen retweeted it. This is interesting but go to both links. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Tom Arnold tweets pic with Michael Cohen, says he 'has all the tapes' https://twitter.com/michaelcohen212?lang=en
  3. Darkman

    American hero Michael Flynn tweets pic of Harvey Weinstein w/ Hillary Clinton & Huma

    Michael Flynn tweets, deletes photo of Harvey Weinstein with Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin By Jessica Schladebeck | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | May 25, 2018 | 11:09 AM Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to President Trump, leaves after his plea...
  4. The Man

    Funny pic

    Great story I read recently Guy on the left is a member of a far right skinhead group in Russia, who participated in many violent attacks on minorities and immigrants in Moscow. Eventually, he went to prison, where got caught up between Slavic Bratva (mafia) gangs, who don't like skinheads...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Keep your wife & daughter close & mistress closer. Melania, Ivanka & McDougal (PIC)

    Bet he got a big charge to the EGO for pulling this one off. He and Melania had a fight that night so she probably deserved having the mistress flaunted in her face. McDougal appears in photo with Trump familyAnderson Cooper 360 Former Playboy model Karen McDougal describes meeting Melania...
  6. The Man

    Great pic I found

    Smalltown Russia somewhere, bunch of babushkas selling homegrown fruit and homemade milk and eggs and such, from own livestock I guess, and also clothes and shoes, at the side of the road, as often happens there; supplementing their meagre pensions to survive. And Putin looking on smugly from...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    OMG!! One 'shot' (pic) of Roy Moore, see if you don't LYOURAO!!!!!!!

    This isn't 'staged'. It isn't photoshopped. It was 'caught' by the lens. (I've always thought this guy looked like he was missing a chromosone). ELECTIONS Moore's win conjures 2018 nightmare — for both parties Republicans might pad their majority — but with troublemakers who owe Mitch...
  8. Spookycolt

    ACLU backs down in face of Twitter’s wrath for pic of white baby holding US flag

    Apparently if a white person, even a baby, holds an American Flag they are now a Nazi. Seriously? I mean just look at this Nazi here, we have to stop these little Nazi's! ACLU backs down in face of Twitter?s wrath for pic of white baby holding US flag | Fox News
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Make a lot of money, don't go into politics, take a PIC with me for fame-to 4th grade

    This guy has NO CLASS! Crass, self absorbed and grossly inappropriate for 4TH GRADERS. Save it for 9th graders asshole. Not get a get a education, enjoy school, do good in math, talk up their teacher. Blah blah blah. Instead take a picture with me to make you famous, make a lot of money and...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP tweets CHRISTMAS greeting with a RAISED fist (a TINY fist, see pic)

    Since I'm not one of Twitter twit's followers, I didn't see this. Not him with his kids in front of a fireplace or under the golden Trump sign over the building or next to a fireplace or in Mar A Lago, instead he uses a screen shot from him at his speech in front of a Christmas tree. Okay...
  11. texmaster

    Racist and bigoted NFL player tweets pic of white officer being executed

    Another racist anti cop. Now one of the people our children look up to. All the lawyer statements afterward wont make up for this. Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell, 23, deleted the image he posted on Instagram showing blood gushing out of the officer’s neck. The image conjures...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    Stanford RAPIST sent PIC of victims BREASTs to friends, "whose tits are those"...

    I can NOT believe this shit! This case just gets more grotesque and vile with each new disclosure. This is from the police--according to the article. What else is going to come out?? AGAIN, I WILL ASK??? All this shit was hidden from the judge? Or did the judge know all this and STILL...
  13. TennesseeRain

    The Dick Pic Program - Interview with Eric Snowden by John Oliver

    I posted this in a thread, but I think it deserves it's own thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEVlyP4_11M It's funny, but eye opening as to the ignorance of the typical American. Eric Snowden is soft spoken and articulate and explains why he did what he did and explains the government...
  14. G

    Donald Trump Dick PIC!!!

    Apparently This is a montage of tiny dick picks...lol
  15. CEngelbrecht

    Historical pic

    I can't believe this picture actually exists: Caption: Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (far left) shakes hand with NASA's Gemini 4 astronauts, Edward H. White II (facing camera) and James A. McDivitt (far right) at the Paris International Air Show in June 1965. This first meeting between...
  16. Goofball

    College students shown pic of Ahmed's "Clock", say it looks like......

    .... a bomb! Shocking! https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=8&v=A4KOW92fbSM
  17. Djinn

    Teen Faces 2 Years for Pic Of Fake Oral Sex With Jesus

    Read the whole thing here, including a link to the police report on The Smoking Gun First - Let's first hold ourselves to the following standard: No jokes about "statutory rape." It's too obvious, and most of you are more clever than that. So moving on - what do you think of this...
  18. StanStill

    Governor Of Delaware Accidentally Tweets Pic Of Woman Wearing Bondage Outfit

    Gotta love seeing what's been copied to the clipboard of our elected officials. Mostly because it kicks them down a notch to "regular people" where they belong. ? Governor Of Delaware Accidentally Tweets Pic Of Woman Wearing Bondage Outfit
  19. B

    Your daily dose of batshit crazy: Santorum AD has subliminal pic of Obama...

    At the point of this voiceover: "Every day, the residents of this town must come to grips with reality that a rogue nation and sworn American enemy has become a nuclear threat." Obama's photo is juxtaposed for a millisecond with Achmedinijhads. Here is the bizarre ad...