1. Macduff

    Why 'The Daily Wire' Will No Longer Publish Names Or Pictures Of Mass Shooters If only the rest of media would follow suit.
  2. cpicturetaker12

    PICTURES OF HATE: Graphic images from CHARLOTESVILLE hitS and run...

    We shouldn't HIDE these images. EVERYONE needs to look at them. They will be 'edited' and blocked on all the major media. UPDATE: 418PM KILLER ARRESTED! UPDATE:415PM This is video of the moment of MURDER (The 3rd video down is unbelievable). The crowd broke into "CLEAR THE ROAD" to let...
  3. cpicturetaker12


    Let's play ball... Prayers and pitches: Scenes from the congressional baseball game - POLITICO (Be sure to read the caption under the last slide)
  4. libertariat720

    U.S. Open 2017 at Erin Hills - Pictures

    This course is magnificently picturesque. And it's a public course so if you save up a few hundred bucks you can play it. I got Rickie pulling this out for his first major.
  5. Panzareta

    Anyone have any pictures of a Russian march yesterday?

    I can't find any on the internet
  6. Puzzling Evidence

    Random pictures of giant fish.

    Wels catfish. 1,649 pound Pacific blue marlin caught by Gary Merriman. Frank Mundus' Great White Shark- 3,428 Pounds Freshwater stingray. Alligator gar Atlantic sturgeon.
  7. The Man

    10 year old girl uses great-grandfather's aches to draw pictures

    10 year old girl uses great-grandfather's ashes to draw pictures A 10 year old girl in Russia (couldn't yet find exactly where) explains in the video that her great-grandfather died a year ago. Since then, her parents kept his cremated ashes at...
  8. Friday13

    Pictures of 2016 Candidates...Just 4 Fun

  9. NiteGuy

    The Oregon 'Militia' Needs Food, So I Mailed Them Pictures Of It...

    It would be great if everyone sent one of these packets to these dumb-fucks. Postage Due...
  10. R

    Clinton - Her campaign in two pictures with caption.

    In the beginning it was great........................ Today's reality!!
  11. Friday13

    Memorial Day in Pictures

    Memorial Day 2015: Honoring the fallen through photos
  12. Friday13

    Space Facts (with gorgeous pictures)

    27 Insane Space Facts That'll Make You Happy to Be Alive
  13. MaryAnne

    No Name, Just Pictures

    What is the difference in these pictures? These darling kids were just celebrating.. I am white, but am beginning to understand the anger. Were these young people punished for their destruction? 11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore - Mic
  14. meridian5455

    Sarah Palin Shares Her Sweaty Pictures For Free

    Sarah Palin is not ashamed of her sweat. Former Governor of Alaska and reality star Sarah Palin is certainly no stranger to the paparazzi, but it can be a little rough running into when you’re leaving the gym. But she knows how to brush it off. After the 50-year-old encountered photogs following...
  15. Rev. Hellh0und

    Sony Pictures TV Sets Space Travel Series As Space Heats Up As Reality Frontier

    I am all for sending as many celebrities into space as possible. I am ambivalent on the return trip. ;)
  16. meridian5455

    They've Turned Over The Costa Concordia And The Pictures Are Nuts

    They've Turned Over The Costa Concordia And The Pictures Are Nuts - Yahoo Finance Wow!
  17. slslady1

    Acadeny of Motion Pictures board dumps Micheal Moore

    Is the dumping of the most loquacious and obnoxious liberal from one of Hollywood’s most prestigious positions an indication that movie land is finally getting the message? Evidently it is as Michael Moore is no longer a governor on the documentary board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts...
  18. Sassy

    Can't get pictures from camera to pc!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of course when I really need them......I can't find the cord that came with the camera. When I plug that in, the software recognizes it and automatically pulls up something that takes me through step by easy step. I have a 'card reader' but I don't know how to get it to communicate with the...
  19. Macduff

    Website posts pictures of Trayvon Martin's body

    I'm not naming or linking to the site because I don't want to contribute to their traffic. The rationalization given is that they wanted to generate outrage. Bullshit. This was just a move to get hits. I don't know if the people at this site have been paying any attention but people are...
  20. Devil505

    Suspect ID'd in Boston Marathon bombing: Report

    CNN reporting authorities have pictures of suspect placing bomb Just in