1. The Man

    Man hacked to pieces by teen adopted brothers

    28 year old Dmitry Sentemov, from town Pushkino, near Moscow A well liked and respected man who worked as a paramedic, as you see in the photo above, and was also the head vocalist in a local heavy metal band called "Andromeda" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuDe5AiPm9g Not my personal cup of...
  2. The Man

    Cowardly pieces of shit

    3 filthy, cowardly fuckers killed an 18 year old kid in Moscow for being a left-wing antifascist activist. They were caught on surveillance cameras at a nearby mall, chilling, drinking beer. You can see one is wearing a blue scarf of the Dymano Moscow soccer hooligan gang (one of those...
  3. C

    And we move the pieces into place...

    source Is there any question that this is anything other than what it is - making sure that we have boots on the ground for the coming UN peacekeeping operations to bring Putin to heel?
  4. Cicero

    Three pieces on class and economic mobility in the US

    The myth of the American Dream By Steve Hargreaves @hargreavesCNN December 9, 2013: 10:06 AM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) The American Dream is supposed to mean that through hard work and perseverance, even the poorest people can make it to middle class or above. But it's actually harder to...
  5. meridian5455

    Senate rejects two more pieces of Obama’s jobs plan

    Senate rejects two more pieces of Obama
  6. TennesseeRain

    Mieces to Pieces! Help!!!!!

    In recent weeks, I have found two mice in my basement (darned lazy cats are no help) and, last night, I found one in my kitchen (you DON'T want to know the details on that find!). Does anyone know of a humane and inexpensive way to let the meices know that I don't appreciate their efforts to...
  7. kmiller1610

    Advocacy Pieces Buried in the News

    Here's examples of "hit pieces" by the left and the right on Internet News Sites. I have been looking for echoes of these lines of "reporting" for days and the POVs of the pieces seem limited to "preaching to the choir..."...
  8. H

    Gaza war crimes: Drone plane kills civilians Cut to pieces: Family drinking tea

    Arming Terror YouTube - Gaza war crimes investigation: Israeli drones Gaza war crimes: Drone plane kills civilians Guardian: Cut to pieces: The family drinking tea in a courtyard Pt1 Cut to pieces: the Palestinian family drinking tea in their Gaza City courtyard | World news |...