1. BigLeRoy

    Donald Trump's Very Firm PINK Line On North Korea!

    Y'all remember the very firm RED LINE that our great President Trump set a few weeks ago on that crazy Kim Jong Un fellow in North Korea, right? Our President said that North Korea would be subjected to "FIRE and FURY like the world has NEVER seen" if North Korea were to do so much as to...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    PINK FLOYD's flying golden pigs will fly in front of TRUMP buildings...

    The connection of this 'art project' and the band, the book and the album (I didn't have that one) is beyond me, but it sure will be a sight, won't it?? Wonder if they'll bring the GOLDEN PIGS to Mar-a-Lago... Pink Floyd’s famed flying pigs will fly in front of Trump properties this summer...
  3. John T Ford

    Pink Pistols

    We are seeing several chapters of the Pink Pistols pop up everywhere including in rural Texas. If find it interesting but, not surprising, that some of the harshest opposition the West Hollywood chapter has received is from the LGBT community. We all know how militant some of those folks can...
  4. PACE

    Maricopa country sheriff, famous for his pink underwear may lose election

    Joe Arpaio, the rabid anti-American:
  5. johnflesh

    Yes! I mean... Pink Floyd!!

    “If I’m the president, I’m going to try to, once and for all, reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple songs,” This guy gets a nod vote.
  6. Amelia

    Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements.

    Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. So many foreseeable "unintended consequences", so many politicians promising that sort of thing won't happen.
  7. texmaster

    Code Pink tries to arrest 91 year old Henry Kissinger

    LOL The liberal loonies of Code Pink are at it again. :) A Senate hearing opened this morning with Code Pink protesters trying to arrest former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for “war crimes.” The protesters, bearing signs reading “Kissinger War Criminal” and “Cambodia,” rushed up...
  8. meridian5455

    Boots replacing Wendy Davis’ pink shoes in the Texas Senate

    “It’s a new day” in Texas as Konni Burton was sworn in today as a new state senator representing the 10th district — a seat once held by failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. From her Facebook page: Good morning! Today at noon is the swearing in ceremony! Thank you again, for this...
  9. BDBoop

    Pink Floyd new album due in October

    Pink Floyd?s First Album in 20 Years Due in October - TIME Anybody else all kinds of excited??
  10. meridian5455

    Storm Thorgerson, Pink Floyd artist dies at 69

    British graphic artist Storm Thorgerson, who rose to fame after creating several album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppeling, Muse, Genesis and many other bands, passed away Thursday at the age of 69. Read more: Pink Floyd artist dies: Storm Thorgerson designer of iconic Pink Floyd cover art...
  11. Telecaster

    In the End, Gay Men Are Just Male Chauvinist Pigs; Pink ME Sign?!?

    What is with this pink equals sign that is supposed to represent Marriage Equality? I mean, why 'PINK'?!? Traditionally pink signifies femininity. A pink ribbon signifies the fight against breast cancer. Little girls wear pink. But Marriage Equality is supposed to represent lesbian women...
  12. zam-zam

    Code Pink Vs. The Drones, Brennan,. The President....

    Remember when the left loved Code Pink? These days, not-so-much...... Linked from the "Code Pink" website: Code Pink activists shown the red card at John Brennan Senate hearing Code Pink activists shown the red card at John Brennan Senate hearing | World news |
  13. meridian5455

    'Pink slime' manufacturer sues ABC News for $1.2 billion in damages

    ‘Pink slime’ manufacturer sues ABC News for $1.2 billion in damages – Eatocracy - Blogs Anything for a good story, right?
  14. Mr. Neo-Con

    Pink Quotas

    Recently, there was a new law in Italy that requires Italian listed state owned companies to ensure that 1/3rd of their board members are woman by 2015. Can you believe this crap? What ever happened to the best candidate for the job getting that position? But, in this world of political...
  15. boontito

    'Pink slime' Furor Crushes US Beef Processor

    A leading US ground-beef processor, AFA foods, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, blaming media coverage of one of its products dubbed "pink slime" by critics. AFA Foods said it was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection "given recent changes in the market for its ground beef...
  16. B

    Santorum quits race, admits he is mega-gay, wants that pink bowling ball back!

    All the DETAILS HERE:
  17. Kropotkin

    Santorum: 'Friends Don't Let Friends Use Pink Balls'

    Rick Santorum Tells Boy Not to Use Pink Bowling Ball Is this guy a closet case or what? How insecure in his masculinity and sexuality does a man have to be that he tells a young boy that's he not allowed to use a pink-colored bowling ball while in the middle of a presidential campaign stop...
  18. B

    Irony: Santorum's ‘FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS USE PINK BALLS’ moment

    TP is reporting that "Rick Santorum jokingly chastised a boy for using a pink bowling ball during a campaign stop in Wisconsin on Wednesday. According to Reuters reporter Sam Youngman, Santorum told a boy who reached for a pink bowling ball: “You’re not gonna use the pink ball. We’re not gonna...
  19. M

    Pink Slime is good for American Schoo Children.

    You have got to be kidding me, right ? Its no friggin' wonder we have the health problems we have today, starting with our children. We are feeding them slop.... Defending ‘pink slime’ Company insists product is kid-safe even as parents petition against it Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York...
  20. meridian5455

    The president deserves a pink slip in 2012

    When President Barack Obama visited Louisiana during the BP oil spill, Gov. Bobby Jindal asked him to remove the moratorium on offshore drilling so that thousands of hard-working people could go back to their jobs producing American energy. Not to worry, the president answered. “We’ll just...