1. Blueneck

    World's first osmotic power plant opens

  2. michaelr

    Iran to put new uranium plant under IAEA supervision

    Iran to put new uranium plant under IAEA supervision Now the ball is in the west's court, if this does not call off the demand for crippling sanctions, and the drum beat to war, then we should all see it for what it is, an act of aggression!
  3. justoneman

    Iran's new nuke plant

    Hey Folks, They just need a lot of electricity that is all. Not for a bomb no sir. Sure they have a huge oil reserve but hey they want nuclear. I am sure they just want to limit their carbon footprint that is all. What a joke...
  4. B

    The Obama family to plant garden

    An organic vegetable garden on the White House lawn! Everyone in the family will help out, as will local schoolchildren: I'm not sure why they aren't growing any melons.... I think this is a great idea. The New York Times > Log In
  5. B

    Joe "the Plumber": A McCain Plant!

    Yes, it's all over the web now. Joe the Plumber is apparently related to Charles Keating. I also heard this on the radio earlier. The McCain campaign just keeps sinking lower and lower. Everything is fake in the McCain campaign. From TPM blog: Martin Eisenstadt’s Blog � Blog Archive...
  6. N

    Fear grips immigrants after Miss. plant raid

    LAUREL, Miss. (AP) - A day after the largest single-workplace immigration raid in U.S. history, Elizabeth Alegria was too scared to send her son to school and worried about when she'd see her husband again. Nearly 600 immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally were detained...
  7. F

    Law With No Basis! Marijuana Drug Or Plant?

    This is for those that think just because its the law that it is right. The law banning MJ is retarded and until they ban alcohol, fast food, cigarettes, and anything else that can cause long or short term harm then I refuse to accept it. They have no basis for this law, and the stupid ass...
  8. J

    Immigration raids Koch Foods Ohio chicken plant

    Source: Reuters August 28, 2007 CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Hundreds of U.S. immigration agents raided the Koch Foods Inc. chicken plant in Fairfield, Ohio, and arrested more than 160 employees as part of a criminal operation against illegal immigrants, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)...
  9. C

    al-Qaida works to plant U.S. operatives

    al-Qaida Works to Plant U.S. Operatives By KATHERINE SHRADER, Associated Press Writer document.write(getElapsed("20070713T105124Z"));4 hours ago WASHINGTON - Al-Qaida is stepping up its efforts to sneak terror operatives into the United States and has acquired most of the capabilities it...
  10. M

    Secrecy Shrouds Accident at Nuclear Plant

    By Matthew L. Wald The New York Times Thursday 05 July 2007 Washington - A factory that makes uranium fuel for nuclear reactors had a spill so bad that it kept the plant closed for seven months last year and became one of only three incidents in all of 2006 serious enough for the...
  11. I

    A third of plant jobs evaporate in Michigan

    Boo-Fuggin-Hoo. You make a crappy product, people go elsewhere. Me? I'll stick to Japanese vehicles. I put over $3500 into my Jeep Cherokke Laredo in the last 2 years and the front transmissision went out AGAIN!! Only 89K miles on it too...I had a Nissan pickup for 8 years, 248K mile and I only...