1. Puzzling Evidence

    Darius Guice selfishly decides to take rookie year off to play video games and rehab.

    That self-important BASTARD. Was it a coincidence that Guice decides to get injured so he conveniently no longer has to practice? What about ME, Darius? What about me acting like a genius for being smart enough to predict the Redskins drafting you? What about my fantasy football team and my...
  2. excalibur

    Girls who play soccer run a dangerously high brain damage risk

    Are they even allowed to say this in our wacky culture? Girls who play soccer run a dangerously high brain damage risk A new study from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that women’s brains are five times more vulnerable than men’s to injury from heading soccer balls...
  3. DebateDrone

    McEnroe: Trump offered Me 1M to Play Venus Williams

    John McEnroe: Donald Trump Offered Me $1M to Play Serena or Venus Williams What was Trump motivation for offering John a $1M dollars? Clearly Trump believed John could win. Did Trump want to throw some shade on the Williams sisters and put some money in his pocket? What is equally as weird is...
  4. D

    Only Republican candidates are talking about impeachment, because it's the only play

    Only Republican candidates are talking about impeachment, because it's the only play they have By kos ==================================================== Republicans are indeed running but not so much for political office but from their record and they're also running scared...
  5. excalibur

    President Trump Should Play Hardball With Robert Mueller

    Amen! President Trump Should Play Hardball With Robert Mueller
  6. Darkman

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes

    March 4, 2018, at 9:08 a.m. Israeli Arab Motorist Rams Security Men in North Israel and Is Shot: Police JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli Arab motorist injured three security personnel in a ramming attack in northern Israel on Sunday and was shot and wounded, police and the...
  7. johnflesh

    SOTU Play by Play

    I'm digging: - his hard and outspoken stance against gangs. - him seeing the importance on reaching across the isle. (there is a pun in there somewhere) - his point about fast-tracking permits to help bring our infrastructure back to sufficient. Anyone else watching?
  8. Darkman

    Did this Toronto organist play with any other organs?

    Toronto organist charged with sexual assault; police concerned there may be other victims CityNews 1h ago
  9. CEngelbrecht

    The name of that game you use to play but now can't remember the name of

    What's this game? I played it I think in the 90s on PC. It was a game I used to borrow from my local library, and I kept playing it untill the CD-ROM was ruined. It was a WWII flight simulator of sorts, but it was turn based. You conducted squadron flight missions over Europe, and you gradually...
  10. Eve1

    Who should play Scaramucci on SNL?

    I'm starting this thread so people here on PH can suggest to Saturday Night Live who should play Scaramucci on TV. I know Trump goes nuts when women portrait a male member on his staff so I say let a women do it. Any suggestions? I think there are a few New York Stand Up Comedians that...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    The Clintons arrive for a play in NYC. Watch what happens...

    WATCH: Clintons cheered by NYC theater audience BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN - 07/03/17 10:29 AM EDT A New York City theater audience broke into cheers Sunday as the Clintons arrived to watch a...
  12. Davocrat

    Overweigh Trump supporters who know nothing about the play disrupt Julius Caesar

  13. D

    Schumer to Trump: Play Comey tapes or admit they don't exist

    Senator Schumer Is So Right! Trump, Produce The Tapes! ---------------------------------------- Schumer to Trump: Play Comey tapes or admit they don't exist | TheHill By Jordain Carney
  14. MaryAnne

    Comey Attends Play

    Enjoying himself. He made some mistakes, but you can bet he will move on to better things. Comey, wife attend LGBT-themed musical, marking first public outing since being fired - ABC News
  15. G

    'SNL' fans say Alec Baldwin should play Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner

    WASHINGTON If you can't get the real president to attend your event, why not get the fake one? That's what actor Zach Braff and "Saturday Night Live" fans are saying on Twitter after President Donald Trump announced Saturday that he won't be going to the annual White House Correspondents'...
  16. The Man

    2 year old locks father on balcony to play with his iPad...

    An unidentified two year old boy in Moscow, Russia, wanted to play with his dad's iPad, but the father, 37, never allowed him to. So, today, when mom was away and the two of them were alone at home, the boy apparently waited for his father to go out on the balcony to smoke a cigarette, abd then...
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Siberian tigers chase drone through the snow, catch it and play with it? Well, not!

    Siberian tigers chase drone through the snow, catch it and play with it To these tigers in northeast China, a drone is... - CNN International | To these tigers in northeast China, a drone... Trending story found an hour ago on Dang...
  18. TNVolunteer73

    Remember When people said Hillary was not guilty of Pay to Play, appear to be wrong.

    Clinton Global Initiative lays off 22 as donations dry up, will shut down in April - Washington Times Donations have dried up, since she has no influence to sell, no doors to open, no uranium rights to sell, no trade rights to sell. The Foundations were only spending 10-20% lf donations...
  19. The Man

    Arnold to play a Russian killer

    Or, at least, a character based loosely on him, anyway... Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in New Movie as Russian Murderer Vitaly Kaloyev Trailer: The actual guy: Kaloyev and Nielsen Reenactment of...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    TOO FUNNY!! Rosie ODonnell, I WILL BE READY, I'd love to play Steve Bannon on SNL!!

    OMG, until I saw the 2 pictures together, I couldn't envision it. Would this be a freakin hoot?? Let's all pray to the 'gods of satire' that this comes off!! I'd bet SNL'S RATINGS would be more than the "biggest ratings ever" for Trump's inaugural. ‘I will be ready’: Rosie O’Donnell would...