1. BitterPill

    It Has Been a Pleasure, but I Must Say Farewell

    . I have committed to a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet, and I leave within the week. While I will miss most of you, my incipient vow of silence will soon preclude communicating over the internet. At least I think it will. I'll have to check with the head guru when I get there. Anyway, waiting for...
  2. TNVolunteer73

    Love Trump, Hate Trump, for your viewing pleasure
  3. Sgt Schultz

    For your driving pleasure

    For your driving pleasure... Damn Cool Pics: World's Scariest Roads
  4. C

    What do the modern Rothschilds do for fun and pleasure while Americans suffer? They build boats out of plastic bottles to sail them. When the world is on the verge of an economic depression the likes of which we've never seen, those whom have helped screw society, have time for shenanigans like this. We should be...