1. N

    Which of these health insurance policies is best?

    Imagine I'm a health insurer and I offer you four health plans. 1) $1,250 a month premium, $0 deductible, $0 coinsurance, $0 copay, everything is covered in full. 2) $1,000 a month premium, $3,000 deductible, $0 coinsurance, $0 copays, everything is covered in full after you've spent your...
  2. BigLeRoy

    Trump's Policies Are Undermining Consumer Confidence

    The latest University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Survey was out this morning, and it has fallen to a six-month low, with many of the respondents citing fears over Donald Trump's tariffs and trade wars...
  3. the watchman

    Trump blasts migrants as courts reject detention policies.

    a picture is worth a thousands word..... Melania is an immigrant ya big dufus. https://www.yahoo.com/news/courts-rule-trump-says-migrants-not-come-u-115922255--business.html That's not the solution. The court laid out the solution in no uncertain terms. The solution is for our president and...
  4. bajisima

    Businesses profiting from US child separation policies

    Corporations that contract with President Donald Trump's immigration agencies faced harsh rebuke this week both from within their ranks and from outside critics over their complicity with the Trump administration's separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Employees at Microsoft...
  5. Singularity

    Trump uses Memorial Day to tout his administration's policies, needle Obama/Yates

    Unpresidented. And he goes on... There's just nothing else to say right now... Well, one note. At a minimum, "Happy Memorial Day" is not said.
  6. the watchman

    Trump immigration policies rip children from parents (video).

    Evil is afoot in America. Along our southern border, to deter illegal immigration, children — including infants — are being wrenched from their parents. Few things are crueler, but it is the declared policy of the U.S. government, undertaken in all our names. “If you are smuggling a child, then...
  7. bajisima

    Companies relax pot policies to attract more workers

    Near-full employment and changing attitudes about cannabis are prompting some companies to drop pre-employment drug screenings for marijuana, experts in human resources say. According to attorney James Reidy, chair of the labor and employment group at the law firm of Sheehan Phinney Bass &...
  8. excalibur

    Trump’s Trade Policies are Winning

    Sounds good. https://ntknetwork.com/trumps-trade-policies-are-winning/
  9. bajisima

    Majority believes deep state manipulates US policies

    Oh wow.. The majority of the country believes a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a new Monmouth Poll released Monday. Of those polled, 27 percent says the unelected group — known as the deep state — definitely exists and...
  10. Darkman

    U.S. Justice Dept to sue California over 'sanctuary' policies

    Sue the Commies! ----- U.S. Justice Dept to sue California over 'sanctuary' policies U.S. Justice Dept to sue California over 'sanctuary' policies
  11. excalibur

    Did Lax Obama-Era School-Discipline Policies Enable the Parkland Shooter?

    Did Lax Obama-Era School-Discipline Policies Enable the Parkland Shooter? https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/03/parkland-shooting-school-discipline-policies-limited-law-enforcement-involvement-with-students/
  12. Madeline

    City Claims Its Public Records Policies Are "Confidential"

    Administrator says info on Cleveland's public records policies isn't for public consumption | cleveland.com See also, http://politicalhotwire.com/current-events/188945-city-worker-sues-right-speak-out-about-job-hazards.html THIS is one way Democrats maintain their stranglehold on this city...
  13. Monk-Eye

    US Immigration Policies Are Depraved

    " US Immigration Policies Are Depraved " * US Public And Congress Are Clueless * Reading the entire article may lead to depression and anger ; good luck dealing with the dose of reality . Why does the U.S. have such an outlier child poverty rate? Our immigration system has a lot to do with...
  14. Babba

    What Do You Consider Extreme Left Wing Policies?

    Just curious about members ideas on this.
  15. Madeline

    Trump's "Magic * Ball" Economic Policies

    Trump's "Magic 8 Ball" Economic Policies https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/house-prepares-for-harvey-relief-vote/2017/09/06/62919058-92fc-11e7-89fa-bb822a46da5b_story.html?utm_term=.a3555a33c5a2 WTF IS Trump's economic policy? No one could possibly explain all the zig-zagging he...
  16. D

    Donald Trump's policies will mean more workers dead on the job

    The issue of protecting workers should be of great concern and a priority to all Americans. This report sets up a big red flag according to what these knowledgeable people are revealing! That is very scary and it's high time Americans stood up for their own safety and tell Donald Trump that we...
  17. Devil505

    I'm selling million dollar life insurance policies for $5.00

    Payable to the family of anyone killed by a N. Korean missile attack. Any takers?
  18. Dr Sampson Simpson

    2 Great examples of liberals policies working vs conservative policies not working

    1. Budget deficits, jobs growth. California raised taxes and made budget cuts. Their economy is booming and the deficit gone. Kansas cut taxes and made draconian cuts, and it has huge deficits and is struggling 2. Teen pregnancy. Colorado provides free birth control and their teen...
  19. jacobfitcher

    Tweet first, read later: Trump shares article blaming his policies for health care pr

    On Thursday morning, President Trump retweeted a tweet from his favorite morning show about how “Insurers [are] seeking huge premium hikes on ObamaCare plans.” Had Trump read the article, however, he would’ve seen that the story Fox & Friends highlighted on its program actually blamed him for...
  20. P

    Trump’s policies are already sending jobs to canada

    http://www.wired.com/story/pausing-international-entrepreneur-rule-sends-jobs-to-canada Sounds like those fairly vocal Canadian fan groups supporting Trump are finally paying off.